it is used to move to the orange area. What changes from Monday (and the difference with the old certificate)

it is used to move to the orange area. What changes from Monday (and the difference with the old certificate)
it is used to move to the orange area. What changes from Monday (and the difference with the old certificate)

What changes from Monday? From Monday 6 December and until January 15, 2022 the Green pass becomes a super Green pass o Reinforced green pass. What does it mean? That will be released only to the vaccinated and recovered from Covid and not to the “buffered”. It becomes, therefore, a different document (more useful: it is a real Passepartout) from the basic Green pass that we use today and that even people who have not been vaccinated can download. In the orange zone the Super Green pass becomes the only way to move and leave your municipality. The Green pass base it remains, therefore, but will give access to fewer services and, a very important novelty, it becomes mandatory to get on a train or a bus: one is more cut off from social life and conviviality. An example? With the basic Green Pass it is not possible to go to the cinema and theater, to the stadium or participate in other sporting events, eat at the restaurant indoors without limits of diners at the table and therefore with tables of more than 4 people, participate in parties, weddings and public ceremonies, going to the disco.

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With this expression “Reinforced green pass”, “Super Green pass”, “Restricted green pass”, and with a specific decree, we intend to strengthen the green certificate as a fundamental tool for continuing to use services and free time in safety. So, from Monday it will be necessary to keep the photo downloaded from the mobile phone or the sheet where we printed the QR code, in short, the certificate that we must now show to eat in restaurants or to follow events indoors. The Green pass will be essential for free time.

Do I need to download a new code for Monday? Those who already have a Green pass for vaccination or recovery do not need to download a new certification. Those who have obtained a Green pass through the systematic execution of a swab, on the other hand, can: continue to take the tests every 2/3 days (but have a very limited range of social and recreational activities) or get vaccinated.

So what can you continue to do with a basic Green Pass? So what with a tampon that lasts 48 hours? You can eat outside, go to work (but vaccination is mandatory for some categories), and it becomes mandatory to access public transport such as trains, airplanes and ferries but also subways and buses. You can go swimming in the pool and play sports in the gym (but beware: if the region passes into the yellow zone, the reinforced Green pass is required).

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Fines (higher in the workplace)

Bars and clubs

What are the risks if the right Green pass is not shown? Many salads: from 400 to 1000 euros for those who access shows, restaurants, bars without the enhanced green certificate. The same amounts for those who do not check if the customer was in possession of the reinforced Green pass. And if the exhibitors show that they do not check in a timely manner, the premises are also closed for ten days: three fines are enough.

Bus and metro

The sanction also applies to those who take public transport without the basic Green pass. The verification application that reads the QR code is being updated and will be able to select one of the two methods: therefore, whoever controls it will be able to verify the validity of the Green pass.


The reinforced Green pass is not necessary to enter the workplace where, instead, it is mandatory to show the basic Green pass and therefore having undergone a molecular or antigenic swab. The first lasts 72 hours and allows you to enter work for 3 days in a row then it must be repeated, the second is valid for 48 hours (you can enter for two days in a row at work). Who controls? The checks are carried out at the entrance, but also on a sample basis, and those who do not check risk from 400 to 1,000 euros. Those who are caught without a basic Green pass risk suspension or an administrative penalty ranging from 600 to 1,500 euros.

Super Green pass or basic Green pass? For some jobs you don’t choose: you get vaccinated

It is the works in contact with the public that for this very reason risk increasing infections and “exporting” a more aggressive virus to a person who is more fragile and less immune from an immune point of view. For this reason, the decree establishing the super green pass extends the vaccination obligation. Which categories?

– school staff: from principals to teachers and school collaborators.

– personnel of the Defense, of the public safety and rescue sector, of the local police, of the secret services

– health personnel

– personnel who carry out their work in any capacity directly reporting to the Department of Penitentiary Administration or the Department for Juvenile and Community Justice, within prisons for adults and minors.

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