Hotel in via Costantino: works have begun on new car parks – UrloWeb

Hotel in via Costantino: works have begun on new car parks – UrloWeb
Hotel in via Costantino: works have begun on new car parks – UrloWeb

ST. PAUL – There are several reports received by citizens alarmed by the earth moving operations in progress at the intersection of via Giustiniano Imperato and via Galba in the San Paolo district. The works began within the perimeter of the hotel which was never finished and known in the area as the bidet in via Costantino.


We immediately asked for an account of what is happening to the Department of Public Works and Urban Planning of Municipality VIII. It is in fact the Councilor Luca Gasperini to confirm the start of the works inside the external perimeter of the structure. This earth movement concerns preliminary investigations for the construction of some parking lots and flower beds, an intervention carried out with the obligations of the Convention for the construction of Piazza dei Navigatori, of which the Hotel is also part. In the coming months, therefore, at least part of this area should return to the availability of the citizens of the area, in the form of parking lots and some small flower beds.



In the area, the construction of this hotel (the agreement was signed in 2004) had represented a hope above all in terms of relaunching employment and local trade. The structure should have redeveloped an otherwise abandoned area, while it only managed to increase the degradation of the area. In fact, the hotel has been vandalized and looted several times of all the metal parts, so much so that in the past the bankruptcy trustee had to set up a 24-hour security guard to avoid occupation. On paper, the hotel was supposed to have 182 rooms and also host a convention center. The gross surface area of ​​the structure is 23,040 square meters on eight floors, as well as a basement. The ‘bidet’ has never been completed and will certainly need extensive refurbishment work before even starting the completion work.

Leonardo Mancini

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