“I have to go away, Soleil and I have crossed the line”

“I have to go away, Soleil and I have crossed the line”
“I have to go away, Soleil and I have crossed the line”

Alex announces his farewell to Big Brother Vip after the declaration of love to Soleil.

After declaring his love a Soleil Rises, Alex Belli took a drastic decision: leave definitely the House of Big Brother Vip next December 13, 2021 to protect his marriage to Delia Duran and also the young influencer.

Alex Belli’s announcement to Gf ​​Vip

“I can’t stand next to you and experience this thing here” he confessed Alex announcing his goodbye to Big Brother Vip “I want to protect you and Delia and to do that I have to get out of here. Me 13 days and I’m going out. I don’t want to hurt you. What we have is unique. If I hadn’t had a story outside, you and I would have built a of the most beautiful love stories of GF Vip “.

Clear , as Biccy reports, he went on to admit that he no longer knew how to handle the situation there worries: “I can’t go further please, I have to try to stop this stuff. We tried to keep everything in the student phase of friendship, now we don’t manage the relationship anymore. We have passed the limit trust me. Now we are in limbo and the only solution is that you don’t see me anymore “.

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It’s still: “The power of control with you I don’t have Sun, I lost it when I saw you. We can control emotions to a certain extent. If you can control yourself I can’t. We are torturing each other. This thing between us is wonderful, but going forward it could be too much torture “. After listening to the actor’s outburst, Soleil intervened stating: “If your conclusion is this I would like to take a step back. The only solution is to move away regardless. If I want you to stay in here? I will not tell you this. If we want to stay in our lives outside, we might as well rationalize and reset all about friendship “.

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Soleil crossed line

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