“Ridiculous data, there are no solid results” – Libero Quotidiano

“Ridiculous data, there are no solid results” – Libero Quotidiano
“Ridiculous data, there are no solid results” – Libero Quotidiano

Israel and the United States they are already vaccinating the little ones. In Europe, the EMA approved it and is recommended by the Italian Society of Pediatrics “: this is the current situation regarding the immunization of children in the world. The topic was addressed by Mario Giordano a Out of the core on Rete 4. In Italy, on the other hand, to start vaccinating children, only the Aifa ok is missing. Meanwhile, however, some pediatricians are raising doubts. Between these Eugenio Serravalle, who put forward the need to “stop until there is certain data”.

The virologist of the Sacco hospital in Milan Maria Rita Gismondo, guest of the talk, had his say on the issue: “The vaccine for children must be done when there are valid and solid results. We do not have them. I am waiting, we have a publication of 3 thousand cases, 1500 vaccinated and as many not, ridiculous. You can’t approve a mass vaccination with one so limited experimentation“. Speaking about the possible need to maintain the state of emergency, Gismondo said that – in her opinion – the conditions would no longer exist:” Compared to last year we are much better. The hospitalized and deaths are a seventh last year and this thanks to vaccines. Let’s take this moment of positivity. If the emergency was needed for the vaccination campaign, even without the state of emergency we continue to vaccinate. We, from a scientific and medical point of view, we are not experiencing a period of emergency“.

Finally, pressed by Giordano on the current alleged demonization of non-vaxes, the virologist explained: “We have to reconsider the size of the problem. Fortunately we have achieved a much higher percentage of vaccinations than the one WHO had indicated as a target, we are almost all ‘80% “. Onherd immunity, instead, he stated: “We will never have it because an RNA virus will never be able to obtain herd immunity, so we will only have the possibility of vaccinating the population so that they do not contract the severe disease. We have also seen that vaccinated people can infect and become infected “.

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Ridiculous data solid results Libero Quotidiano

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