Defends her friend from harassment, the stalker in the street kills him with a barrel –

Defends her friend from harassment, the stalker in the street kills him with a barrel –
Defends her friend from harassment, the stalker in the street kills him with a barrel –
from Carlo Vulpio sent to Canosa di Puglia (Barletta-Andria-Trani)

Cosimo Damiano Bologna, 50, in the night between 13 and 14 November, in the center of Canosa di Puglia had intervened to defend a friend and was brutally hit by the woman’s stalker: now dead.

There are men who defend women, and there are not a few. They defend them from other men and often from other women as well. But they generally don’t make the news. Or they only do it if they lose their skin. Cosimo Damiano Bologna, 50 years old, farm worker, married and childless, seven brothers, one of them. died yesterday in the Bonomo hospital in Andria after fifteen days in a coma for trying to defend a friend of hers, Cinzia Caliendo – 40 years, labor consultant -, from another man, Domenico Bellafede, 58, who had begun to annoy and then to harass Cinzia already last spring. She hadn’t given him the rope and Bellafede had stopped that hateful practice of men who necessarily want women, and vice versa, now known as stalking. But it only stopped for a while. Then he resumed and for Cinzia it was difficult even just to walk the streets of Canosa, which is one of the most important archaeological centers in Puglia but still has 28,000 inhabitants, without the fear of meeting her harasser at every street corner.

The attack on the woman and the friend

Cinzia lives with her two elderly parents and had two brothers, who unfortunately died in a car accident, otherwise Bellafede would hardly have approached and harassed her without suffering the consequences, legal or otherwise. Cinzia does not have a boyfriend, but among her friends she had Cosimo Damiano Bologna, who was with her on the night between Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 November, at the Chixo bar, in the central Via Giuliani. Bellafede, it was almost one o’clock, when you enter the bar as in western movies you enter the saloons, if you don’t care that Cinzia was in company and indeed, according to some testimonies, the presence of another man next to Cinzia seems to have him gassed: what better occasion to show her, him, and everyone, her determination, her bravado, her courage? And so, from the bar to the street, Bellafede passed from the pretext to ignite the aggression with fists and, perhaps, even with a stick. Cinzia remained petrified inside the bar, she could only see the two men come out, but not the moment when her friend was hit and left on the ground losing consciousness. The images of a surveillance camera and the autopsy will clarify whether Bologna died because he hit his head when he collapsed to the ground, or if the frontoparietal fracture found in him was caused by a blow.

The offender’s criminal record

Bellafede, who, according to the order of the investigating judge, has specific precedents, immediately ran away in a Jeep, while among the people who were in front of the bar someone called 118, someone else the police. Bologna was transported to the hospital in Andria, where he was operated on, but then went into a coma and never woke up. Bellafede, captured a week after the attack, under house arrest on charges of manslaughter. But if the investigations of the Prosecutor of Trani, based on the results of the autopsy, ascertain that Bologna was beaten to death, the crime would become voluntary murder. Cinzia Caliendo closed in an understandable silence, while the women’s association Fidapa organized a torchlight procession against any type of violence against anyone and the mayor of Canosa proclaimed the city mourning.

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