the atrocious death of Johann at the age of 65 – Libero Quotidiano

the atrocious death of Johann at the age of 65 – Libero Quotidiano
the atrocious death of Johann at the age of 65 – Libero Quotidiano

A shocking, but dramatically true – and absurd – story that comes straight from Austria, where one of the leaders of a no-vax association died, Johann Biacsic. Man has lost his life after contracting Covid: the infection dates back to more than a month ago. But it is absurd how the victim tried to cure himself.

Biacsics, 65, was indeed a staunch opponent of vaccines as well a supporter of the theory of the so-called “health dictatorship”. Beliefs that had led him not to get vaccinated. But not only that: after contracting Covid, he did not even want to follow the therapeutic indications that came to him from the doctors.

The 65-year-old was even convinced that he was cured by the coronaviurs, even if a molecular swab had confirmed his positivity. But nothing: he requested and obtained discharge from the hospital, as he wanted to be treated independently at home. And so, following some follies found online, Biacsics has decided to follow the “advice” of Christoph Specht, doctor and journalist, as well as a point of reference in the no-vax universe.

What therapy did Dr. Specht suggest? Bleach enemas. Disconcerting, but true. And so, from enema to enema, Biasics’ conditions worsened: the family members called an ambulance, but when help arrived, the man was already dead. A disconcerting end. Incidentally, Biacsics was very popular in the Austrian no-vax community, even before the pandemic: he has always been an advocate of alternative medicine, including cancer.

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atrocious death Johann age Libero Quotidiano

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