As we write, the neo-professional boys and “neo-WorldTour” girls of Italian cycling are following the courses organized, at the CONI Lombardia headquarters in via Piranesi in Milan, by the Technical School of the Italian Cycling Federation, together with the Professional Cyclists Corridors Association. Italians (ACCPI) and the League of Professional Cycling. A day for the first time also open to women.

The speakers’ parterre includes two personalities who are also making their debut in a new important role, namely the new coaches Daniele Bennati (men’s national team) and Paolo Sangalli (women’s national team) who talked about the leap from amateur to professionalism.

The rest of the interventions are as follows:

Kevin Dessimoz (International Testing Agency) and Wallis Delattre (UCI Legal Anti-Doping Services) – ADAMS Rules, Daily Fulfillments, TUE, Rules and Procedures

Cristian Saved and Alessandra Cappellotto, president and vice president of ACCPI (Cappellotto will leave the association to join CPA Women, becoming the world representative of cyclists) – Rights and duties of the rider, Portfolio of interlocutors

Stefano Piccolo (LEGA) – Contractual differences between Italian and foreign teams. Differences between employee and self-employed (including image management company)

Roberto Amadio (team manager of the national teams) – The roles in support of the professional, internal and external to the team

Gianluca Masi and Andrea Crociani (MARSH, insurance for professional cyclists) – Intra Team and Extra Team Health Insurance

Gianluca Crocetti (President of the National Commission of Race Judges) – Updates on the UCI Rules The Components of the Convoy in the Race

Jose Luis Dantas (Scientific Head of Technical School) – Athletic longevity, physiological aspects to protect one’s career

Fabio Forzini (Federal Councilor with responsibility for the Technical School) – Athletic longevity, psychological aspects

Roberto Damiani (Cofidis sporting director) – Professional identity and belonging to the group and environment of professional cycling (including anticovid rules)

Andrea De Luca (RAI commentator) – Being a public figure: behavioral norms in public and on social networks, internationality

And these are the athletes who have the pleasure of listening to (and learning from) the aforementioned insiders, on this precious training day that officially welcomes them to professional cycling: Filippo Baroncini, Gabriele Benedetti, Luca Colnaghi, Omar El Gouzi, Michele Gazzoli, Martin Marcellusi, Alessio Martinelli, Alessio Nieri, Luca Rastelli, Filippo Ridolfo, Alessandro Santaromita Villa, Manuele Tarozzi, Alex Tolio, Alessandro Verre, Edoarzo Zambanini; Letizia Borghesi and Francesca Barale in attendance; Erica Magnaldi, Barbara Malcotti, Katia Ragusa, Rachele Barbieri and Vittoria Guazzini in connection.

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