The third dose for all over 18s is starting today, what you need to know

From today, Wednesday 1st December, the administration of the third dose of Covid vaccine for all over 18. Health Minister Roberto Speranza announced it last week. The goal is to proceed at the pace of 400 thousand inoculations per day to reduce the circulation of the virus, protect us from the new Omicron variant and «save Christmas».

From today, therefore, all over 18 can book and receive the booster dose of anti Covid vaccine (booster). The sera used are those with mRna, Pfizer e Modern. Once you get the third dose, you get a new green pass lasting for nine months. But let’s go into detail.

Who should get the third dose of Covid vaccine

They can access the third dose of anti Covid vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna) all over 18 they have the primary vaccination course has been completed at least 5 months ago. From today 1st December, therefore, the third dose is available for all adults. Until now, the recall had been opened for frail and immunosuppressed subjects, health personnel, guests and employees of the RSA, the over 60 and the over 40.

The third dose only with mRna vaccines: Pfizer and Moderna

Therefore, only mRna vaccines are used for the third dose of Covid vaccine Pfizer O Modern. The expected dosage is 30 micrograms in 0.3ml for Pfizer / BioNTech’s Comirnaty and 50 micrograms in 0.25ml for Moderna’s Spikevax.

The booster can be given to five months (150 days) from the completion of the primary course of vaccination. Regardless of the vaccine chosen previously. Therefore, even those who have completed the vaccination course with a double dose of AstraZeneca or the single dose of Johnson & Johnson will be given the heterologous vaccination with mRna vaccine.

Questions and answers on the third dose of the anti Covid vaccine

In a forum organized by Lombardy region Experts answered users’ most frequently asked questions about the third dose. Among the most popular questions, the one on antibodies. «Can I avoid the third dose if I have elevated antibodies?».

L’immunologo membro del Cts, Sergio Abrignani, explains everything: “Measurement of antibodies is not indicative of immunity. Therefore It makes no sense to ask for the dosage of antibodies to make the third dose or not. The only case where it is indicated is if you are under immunosuppressive therapy».

Another question concerns the possible side effects. «Do you need to check before the third dose?“. He answered Andrea Gori, Head of Infectious Diseases at the Milan Polyclinic: “Fever and headache are common side effects. The side effect of the vaccine manifests itself in the days strictly followingi, the long-term ones were not highlighted».

Finally, the question about pregnancy and breastfeeding. «Is the vaccine not recommended in these cases?». Replica Weather in Marina Picca, president of the Italian Society of Lombardy Pediatric Primary Care: “ The vaccine is recommended in pregnant women, after the third month, and during lactation».

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