Radunovic, what a parade! Ceppitelli and Carboni basuardi

Radunovic, what a parade! Ceppitelli and Carboni basuardi
Radunovic, what a parade! Ceppitelli and Carboni basuardi

Verona-Cagliari ended 0-0. Here are the rossoblù report cards.

Radunovic 7: Raise a wall with the two central defense. Two great saves on Barak and Lasagna, many other easier interventions. Very stressed, especially in the second half, he responds perfectly.

Caceres 6: Proof enough. Sometimes he goes into trouble, he gets along with experience.

Ceppitelli 7: Superb on high balls, but also on low ones. Excellent scoring test on Simeone for more than a time, then Cholito escapes him a couple of times but Verona raged attacking with all the players. Great leap in the final to close on the shot of the fresh Lasagna launched at the net.

Carbon 7: In the second half it is omnipresent. When Cagliari is in trouble, when it seems that a Hellas player can reach the goal undisturbed, he arrives. Excellent proof of the central young man.

Lykogiannis 5,5: Faraoni is a bad customer and puts him in a lot of trouble, especially in the second half.

Zappa (from 86 ‘) sv

Bellanova 6: Great verve in the first 45 ‘, in which he also tries a shot. Then with Cagliari crushed he can only try to lend a hand in defense.

Fat 6: A beautiful bucking, after Joao’s wonderful heel, in the first half. A game of fight all in all sufficient, it comes out sore.

Strootman (dall’82’) s.v.

Nandez 6.5: Extraordinary first time. Great race and important contribution also in the offensive phase. In the second half he loses a bit of clarity when he has the ball at his feet but he never stops giving his contribution, both when it comes to defending and when you have to restart.

Dalbert 5,5: Inconsistent. Another dull proof of the Brazilian exterior. You hardly ever see the cross, not an action worthy of note. Lend a hand to Lykogiannis on the defense.

Marin (from 74 ‘) St.

John Peter 6: As long as Cagliari plays evenly, he is the lighthouse in attack. An assist for Bellanova, a wonderful heel to throw Grassi and other plays. In the second half it’s a whole different game and he touches a few balls.

Keita 5,5: He slams for 60 ‘, often only forward, trying to give depth and pressure. But it is often inaccurate even in elementary steps. After 60 ‘the race also begins to fail and leaves room for Pavoletti.

Pavoletti (from 74 ‘) sv

Mazzarri 6: Bring the point home from a difficult away match. Cagliari plays evenly in the first half, one of the best rossoblù versions seen this year. In the second half he defends with tooth and nail that draw that allows him to leave the last place in the standings. We start from here, but the team’s offensive production needs to make a leap forward.

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