Scooter against a car on the Colombo: Davide Guadagno died in Rome. The woman behind the wheel: “I didn’t see him”

Scooter against a car on the Colombo: Davide Guadagno died in Rome. The woman behind the wheel: “I didn’t see him”
Scooter against a car on the Colombo: Davide Guadagno died in Rome. The woman behind the wheel: “I didn’t see him”

In the capital they call it the crossroads of death because of the numerous tombstones and bunches of flowers that over the years have been left in memory of those who lost their lives in this stretch. And yesterday afternoon shortly after 6 pm, on that strip of asphalt that cuts through the very busy road via Cristoforo Colombo – one of the main consular posts for entry and exit from the capital – there was another victim.
Davide Guadagno, 48, was returning home and traveling aboard scooter for hire when crossing the road to reach via Cesare Federici he was hit in full by a car that threw him at a distance of almost twenty meters.

David died on a scooter in Rome

A very violent impact for the man who died instantly. The impact with the asphalt is fatal: he was not wearing a helmet. At the wheel of the white Fiat Panda that hit him, a 55-year-old Italian woman who was returning home after work. “I didn’t see him, he swooped in front of me all of a sudden. I couldn’t avoid it. It all happened in a few seconds, I am destroyed »she told the traffic police of the VIII Tintoretto Group headed by the commander Massimo Ancillotti who is coordinating the findings of the case.

Rome, scooter accident: 48-year-old died overwhelmed by the car in via Cristoforo Colombo

The dynamics are still to be crystallized but from the first investigations it would seem that the 48-year-old was crossing the road on the pedestrian crossing to reach the continuation of the cycle path that starts right at the intersection between the Colombo and via Federici. When the traffic light turned red for him: «Our investigations are focusing on the traffic lights – confirm the Municipal agents – from what was collected, the woman would have gone with the green while the victim with the red. But it still remains to be ascertained ». As also confirmed by witnesses: the cars were parked at the red light, they left and the woman aboard the Fiat Bianca entered the first and resumed the race. At that point, he hit the man riding the electric scooter. There are still traces of blood on the car’s smashed windshield.

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“I wasn’t running, I had just left, but because they all happen to me, I already have so many problems,” the 55-year-old said desperately to the first people who helped her. A nurse who lives in the area also arrived on the spot, together with the other drivers and who, witnessing the accident, gave a hand.

For the victim, despite the timely arrival of the 118 ambulance and the medical staff, there was nothing to do. Vain attempts to revive him. The man was not loaded into the emergency vehicle, his heart had now stopped beating. And so the body remained on the ground, covered by a sheet, for several hours awaiting the arrival of the magistrate on duty – as usual – and of the relatives who were traced after many hours. An autopsy will be performed in the next few hours. According to an initial external examination, the impact with the asphalt after being thrown several meters would have been fatal for the road victim.

The investor did not run away too, despite being in shock, including that she had run over a man she got out of the vehicle trying to revive him. To the traffic police, who carried out the surveys until late in the evening, she reconstructed the dynamics by adding that she was not running and that she could not have done so since the traffic light turned green for her a few moments before. However, Fiat was seized: “For the investigation – explain the municipal agents – it will be crucial to establish at what speed the car was proceeding at the time of the accident”. On the spot late in the evening, the traffic police supported the victim’s brother: “I don’t know how it could have happened,” he said desperately. Guadagno, had not lived with his family for some time, had a fictitious residence, but was well known in the neighborhood. The administration of the VIII Town Hall tightens around the pain of the family members, reserving the right to analyze the dynamics of the accident well to understand, also in concert with the Capitol, whether to proceed with interventions aimed at ensuring greater safety in the area.


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