Gam, opens the exhibition “Divisionism. 2 collections “

Gam, opens the exhibition “Divisionism. 2 collections “
Gam, opens the exhibition “Divisionism. 2 collections “

Thirty masterpieces tell a season of Italian art through the comparison between two extraordinary collections

Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Milano and Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Tortona present an exhibition dedicated to the Divisionist season, of which the two respective collections preserve the works of some of the most significant exponents. Set up in the exhibition halls on the ground floor of the Villa Reale, the exhibition is based on a precise selection of comparisons between the works of the Tortonese Art Gallery, which for twenty years has housed the rich collection of the Fondazione della Cassa di Risparmio di Tortona, and those of the Galleria d ‘Modern Art of Milan, custodian of some of the masterpieces of Divisionism and home to important exhibitions dedicated to the artists who experimented and shared this pictorial technique and its poetics.

The exhibition “Divisionism. 2 Collezioni ”will be open until 6 March. Through thirty works (15 belonging to the GAM collections and 15 to those of the Foundation), the exhibition aims to focus on the elements characterizing the Divisionist experience and its protagonists, present in the two collections: Giacomo Balla, Leonardo Bistolfi, Umberto Boccioni, Giulio Branca, Luigi Conconi, Tranquillo Cremona, Carlo Fornara, Giuseppe Grandi, Emilio Longoni, Angelo Morbelli, Plinio Nomellini, Giuseppe Pellizza, Gaetano Previati, Attilio Pusterla, Daniele Ranzoni, Giovanni Segantini, Giovanni Sottocornola, Paolo Troubetzkoy.

Milan was a key city for Divisionism: here many of its interpreters studied, here many of them found inspiration for works of social denunciation, here they exhibited for the first time at the Triennale di Brera in 1891. The canvases set in Milan – city in that time in full industrial growth and characterized by profound urban, architectural and social changes – became for the Divisionists spaces in which to investigate the theme and icons of contemporaneity, progress and the old and new margins. The exhibition was born from the desire to offer a new look “from the inside” on Divisionism and indeed on Divisionisms, focusing on the different technical evolutions and thematic declinations. The reflections of these artists on the theme of the use of color and the effects of light place this exhibition in the context of a program that the museum dedicates to a series of “dialogues”, initiated by this meeting of dialogue on light, which will continue in future with a second “dialogue on the matter”.

Open: Tuesday – Sunday 10.00 – 17.30 (last admission one hour before closing time)

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Gam opens exhibition Divisionism collections

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