Megxit canceled –

Megxit canceled –
Megxit canceled –

The BBC agrees with the principe Harry and deletes the term “Megxit” from his much talked about documentary “The Princes and The Press”. Behind this decision, however, the British broadcaster’s attempt to mend relations with the royal family could be hidden.

A term invented by a troll

On the occasion of his speech at the “Internet Lie Machine” panel, organized by Wired, Prince Harry focused on the problem of online violence, talking about the impact that the term “Megxit“About her life and that of Meghan Markle: “Maybe some people have understood this and others have never thought about it, but the term Megxit is a misogynistic expression, created by a troll, amplified by real correspondents and grown to be a media giant. But it all started with a single troll “, adding that “Does not even tell the truth of the facts” and, for this reason, newspapers, books and television stations should avoid using this word. In this regard it seems that the first tabloid to use the term “Megxit” was the Sun, on January 9, 2020.

Then the word entered common use and, as Vanity Fair recalls, the Collins English Dictionary included it among the 10 new terms of 2020. “Megxit” has become a convention, a quick (but not offensive) way to refer to an event, that is, the removal of the Sussex by the British court and all its consequences. It is evident that the word focuses the attention and responsibility of the Sussex’s decisions on Meghan, but on the other hand neither Prince Harry nor his wife have ever explained the exact dynamics of their resignation as senior members, leaving room for hypotheses . The BBC, however, has taken the ball by eliminating the word “Megxit” from the documentary “The Princes and The Press”. Choice dictated by the needs of the politically correct, perhaps, but there could be another aspect to take into consideration.

Does the BBC reach out to the royal family?

The documentary at the center of a dispute between royal family and could the BBC become the compromise to achieve peace? It sounds paradoxical, but perhaps that is what the British broadcaster hopes. In the documentary “The Princes and The Press”, which sparked the wrath of Queen Elizabeth over her burning revelations, the term “Megxit” will no longer appear, replaced by a more inclusive “Sussexit”. A move that almost coincides with the decision of the Queen Elizabeth to “move” the traditional Christmas concert presented by Kate Middleton in Westminster from the BBC to the private ITV. An order arrived at the very last minute.

The newspapers talk about “vendetta” against the BBC, of “Boycott” by the British royals, already on a war footing due to the interview scandal of Lady Diana, in 1995 and annoyed by the contents and methods of diffusion of the documentary “The Princes and The Press”. Buckingham Palace would not have digested the broadcaster’s refusal to ask to view the program in advance. But this is nothing. In the documentary Meghan is described as a bulla and Harry as a mentally unstable boy, while William and Kate would be envious ready to do anything to denigrate the Sussexes. The presence of an anti-monarchist conductor, Amol Rajan and the contribution of journalist Omid Scobie, co-author of Finding Freedom and defined as “Meghan’s spokesperson”, did the rest.

Perhaps, by deleting the term “Megxit” from “The Princes and The Press”, the BBC still hopes to curry favor with royal family, to make people forget the revelations of the documentary. If so, the issuer’s strategy appears very naive. The choice of terms is the least of the problems. However it is true that “Between two parties, the third gains“: ITV leaders have let the Sun know they are “Surprised and happy” to the idea of ​​being able to broadcast the Christmas concert and they specified: “It will be a fantastic concert of Christmas carols”.

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