Greece, fine of 100 euros for those over 60 who do not vaccinate within a month: immunization becomes almost mandatory

Greece, fine of 100 euros for those over 60 who do not vaccinate within a month: immunization becomes almost mandatory
Greece, fine of 100 euros for those over 60 who do not vaccinate within a month: immunization becomes almost mandatory

Fine of 100 euros for over 60 who will not vaccinate within a month: in this way the vaccination, in fact, becomes mandatory in Greece. The premier announced it Kyriakos Mitsotakis in the aftermath of the appearance of the variante Omicron: for the prime minister it is not a punishment, but the price for the health of all. The amount will be deposited in a special fund which will finance the hospitals. The acceleration of the measure was given by the numbers: of the total 580 thousand over 60 Greeks not vaccinated, only 60 thousand rushed to be vaccinated by November. This is the age group most exposed to contagion, hospitalization and treatment of therapy intensive, in addition to death, they explain a government sources. Furthermore, in the last 24 hours the positives have broken through 6,500, of which 11 identified after the checks at the borders. The total number of cases is 931,183 with a daily increase of + 0.7%. In the last week there have been 117 positives after a trip from abroad while the number of new ones deaths it remains very high compared to the total population, over 100 units. 95.4% of the deaths had an underlying disease and were over 70 years old. I also worry hospitalizations in intensive care, still more than 600 people, of which 80% unvaccinated and 19% with a double dose carried out.

Basically to sound the alarm to Athens are four factors: the fact that 9 out of 10 deaths strike citizens over the age of 60; the fact that 7 out of 10 intubated patients are over 60 years old; the figure that 8 out of 10 patients intubated they are not vaccinated; finally the projection that came from Denmark e Portugal where, having vaccinated 99% of the 60-year-olds, there are numbers of infected and deaths 10 times lower than in Greece. According to the premier Mitsotakis Experts estimate that the importance of the vaccine for a 70-year-old is equivalent to 34 vaccinations of the most recent in terms of salute public. “So now let’s turn ours attention to the protection of our fellow citizens – he said in a message to the country – For this, from now on, theirs vaccination becomes mandatory. It is not one punishment. I would say it is a price for health. A precautionary reason, a boost of life but I believe it is also an act of justice for much more vaccine“.

He also announced the decision to provide from 6 to 12 December a autotest free to any adult, vaccinated or not, to identify possible asymptomatic carriers of the virus before Christmas. The measurement will then be replicated from 3 to 7 January to evaluate the trend during the vacation Christmas, in which there will be many family meetings and between friends. In addition to those announced, another 20 million self-tests were ensured by the Civil protection for the needs of schools. Already last week, the government had decided on a mini lockdown to apply to non-citizens vaccine, to which he had been barred, even with swab negative, entry into restaurants, museums, gyms and closed places except for grocery stores and pharmacies. “I would like to remember – added the premier – that the Greece was the first to establish rules for controlled access to closed spaces since July. Furthermore, since October it has opened the possibility of a third dose to all adults“. As for the no wax the case of the Metropolitan from Etolia e Acarnania, Kosmas, positive to coronavirus, one of the “hardest” deniers. Refuse hospitalization and also the vaccine. His health is getting worse by the hour.

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Greece fine euros vaccinate month immunization mandatory

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