Lazio, paths for Covid patients are back in the emergency room

Lazio, paths for Covid patients are back in the emergency room
Lazio, paths for Covid patients are back in the emergency room

No longer just in the Covid hospitals but in all emergency room of the city. This is the new directive of the Lazio region that reshapes the emergencies for positive patients who need hospitalization or who are in urgent conditions, which cannot be faced or resolved within the home. “Until a few days ago we managed the main Covid emergencies – explains Francesco Pugliese, director of the Dea Umberto I – and other hospitals whose emergency rooms had been indicated for the emergencies of the virus, now the network has expanded”. This had a double effect: on the one hand, it “decongested” the specific activity of some emergency rooms and shortened the waiting time for users.

In fact, the regional directive invites Ares to go to the nearest hospital from the place where a patient is taken care of. Of course, as has been guaranteed since the beginning of the pandemic, the emergency rooms have diversified the paths to try to avoid mixing among the sick, dedicating areas to confirmed or suspected Covid cases and leaving other areas to different emergencies. Not only that, the buffer scheme at the entrance is always active, whatever the urgency. Cases are continuing to rise and it is not excluded that, if the curve does not stabilize in the next few days, Lazio may move into the yellow zone close to the Christmas holidays even if a lot will depend on the behavior, the recalls and the increase in the first doses. of vaccine. The Rt index is certainly down slightly: it stands just above one and this is a good sign, especially if it stabilizes in the next few days.


However, there is another risk: “If hospitalizations continue to grow – comments Antonio Magi, president of the Order of Doctors of Rome – and with them the entrances to the emergency rooms and wards, inevitably there will be a new contraction of ordinary services and let us always remember that the main emergencies concern no vax patients “. Throughout the Region there are still more than 450,000 people aged 12 to over 80 who have not booked the first dose. In this group there is everything: “there are people who must be convinced, others who are only afraid, then there are people from Tso – comments the governor Nicola Zingaretti – What unites them is selfishness, because they are privileged” .

Italian health care and also that of Lazio “is conditioned by Covid and this has dramatic repercussions on the management of other diseases – concludes Zingaretti – If we had had a much higher amount of vaccinations, even the natural habitat in which the virus circulates it would have been much narrower. Therefore the no vaxes have a dramatic responsibility towards all of us and our entire community. But we can still avoid the yellow zone ». Meanwhile, on the front of the new positives, cases continue to rise. Yesterday the figure was 1,253 positives (132 more than the previous day) and half – 611 cases – were counted in the capital. The number of hospitalizations that still remain high (708 patients) is decreasing, while the admissions to the Intensive Care Units do not change, however, they reach 100 with 97 “critical” patients.



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