The happy ending story of Bluebelle, the dog abandoned in a parking lot with its kennel

The happy ending story of Bluebelle, the dog abandoned in a parking lot with its kennel
The happy ending story of Bluebelle, the dog abandoned in a parking lot with its kennel

In an empty parking lot in Austin, Texas, a dog waited patiently for someone to notice. He had nothing but that old and worn kennel that someone left him when they abandoned it. The protagonist of this story is Bluebelle, a female Pit Bull who luckily someone saw and gave the alarm: when the animal protection operators arrived, she looked at them with sweet and sad eyes and gratefully accepted the sweets. from their hands.

“It is difficult to explain how grateful she is to have been rescued and taken to the shelter,” explains Stephanie McCutcheon, coordinator of marketing and volunteers at the Austin Animal Center. Bluebelle drank a lot of water upon arrival at the shelter and slept a lot in the air-conditioned comfort of her bed the first two days. ‘

Bluebelle, thought to be around 9, received the care she needs at the Austin Animal Center: she suffered from conjunctivitis in both eyes and was missing hair from scabies.

But the dog immediately showed a great desire to live: «Beyond all the health problems, she is in a good mood: she has an increasingly cute smile and also a little panache in her step» said McCutcheon.

The shelter staff knew Bluebelle would be more comfortable in a home, and thanks to the puppy’s winning personality, she quickly found a foster family willing to welcome her.

Despite looking in rough shape, her heart is still filled with love and she is extremely welcoming to humans. He recently had a meeting with a foster family and their dog, and everything went well. And now this story has a happy ending: Bluebelle has been permanently adopted and will have a family that loves her for the rest of her days.

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