$ GALA: 1 billion dollars ready

$ GALA: 1 billion dollars ready
$ GALA: 1 billion dollars ready

That Gala is a network of crypto gaming different from the others we should have understood by now. What we did not expect, however, is the success that his first big one is reaping initiative – with a game that is not yet open to everyone! – and the large investments that the group is preparing to make its own in South Korea.

During the very popular tournament of Spider Tank Several news have been announced, all in our opinion bullish and that we will analyze in this special today.

GALA is really serious! A 1 billion dollar investment is ready… the world of traditional gaming wants! Read all the details of the bullish news GALA

Gala is available for direct purchase onexchange Crypto.comgo here to get an account with a $ 25 signup bonus – an intermediary who has always been one of the most active in providing access to emerging projects, even if smallcap.

Opening an account costs nothing and the tokens we have purchased can also be used for the passive income through Supercharger O staking. We can buy from hundreds of crypto, including too $GALA.

Gala announces $ 1 billion in game development investment

a investment of such proportions as to make even pale case AAA, come Blizzard O Rockstar Game. A sum that may not only be sufficient to cover the 20 games its base Gala which are already in development, but an equally important number of titles in the future. This, even with very strong opponents in the sector, could easily pay off Gala the point of reference not only for investors, but also for video game developers, which in the face of such substantial commitments can only be attracted to the network.

We are facing an epochal turning point for the sector of gaming su blockchain? We believe so – because although investments in the sector are growing rapidly, it is difficult for other ecosystems to put such sums on the table.

Great success for the Spider Tank tournament

Which remains the flagship title of the protocol, but which is not yet available to the general public. Despite it still in some sort of pre-release, the title has already organized a league following, which was also broadcast live, in its premiere world Cup.

Operations that we are generally used to seeing on far more solid stocks and much more known, this is a sign of the further I commit that Gala is putting in the building of his ecosystem, an ecosystem that aims to outperform the competition that now precedes the network in terms of capitalization.

Yes, on Gala it still makes sense to be long

Despite $GALA has grown at a very high rate over the last few weeks, we believe that in the face of this news – and the release of many other titles in the future – there is still room to grow in terms of capitalization.

In particular for those who look at the medium and long term and look for the best alternatives available on the market game on blockchain$GALA confirms today one of the most serious candidates for future exploits. With the large liquidity it already has, there will only be from grow. Both in terms of users and in terms of market value.

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