New Mala del Brenta in Veneto, 39 arrests and 80 warranties / VIDEO – Chronicle

New Mala del Brenta in Veneto, 39 arrests and 80 warranties / VIDEO – Chronicle
New Mala del Brenta in Veneto, 39 arrests and 80 warranties / VIDEO – Chronicle

Venice, 30 November 2021 – Some “historical” elements of the Manor Band, of that Bad Brenta that raged in Venezia and in Veneto 40 years ago, then dismantled by the repentance of its boss. Released from prison after serving sentences in the 90s, they tried to return to the old “job”, that of drug dealing, from the extortion to tour operators e intimidation. But this time the detectives were waiting for them, who have them followed in the last may be years and in the end they put an end to their attempt to revive the gang.

The blitz of the Carabinieri del Ros went on target during the night with the execution, in Venice and in the Veneto region, of 39 arrests and warranties to around 80 people. In the viewfinder the group “mestrini” of Mala, the one who contracted drug trafficking together with extortion in the city and mainland, and who was also responsible for one of the most brutal executions within the gang, that of brothers Rizzi and Franco Padoan, killed March 10, 1990 on the river bank Brenta a Galta of Vigonovo, in the Paduan area.

The “historical” names are those of Gilberto Boatto called “Lolli”, Paolo Pattarello, Gino Causin, plus other lieutenants like Loris Trabujo, suspected of extortion to Venetian motorboat drivers. But it also appears among the suspects Antonio “Mario” Pandolfo, right arm and armed with Maniero.

They lived with the other Venetian mafias

Around them, starting from 2015, a group that has slipped into a space left free by the other mafias that have been operating in Veneto for some time: the ‘ndrangheta, the Camorra, the Nigerian mafia. A coexistence that the anti-mafia prosecutor of Venice, Bruno Cherchi, he defined as “peaceful”, where everyone carves out their own market without disturbing the others.

“They have aged a little, it is true – commented the magistrate – but it is also true that they always are very dangerous, with a great capacity for aggregation, and once released from prison, di
to resume relations, especially of dealing and procurement of narcotic substance from South American countries, and criminal activity against the Venetian environment “.

A group armed and trained to shoot

The discovery of weapons, including war weapons, including Kalashnikov submachine guns. A circumstance that also raised suspicion that the group had in mind kill the repentant boss Felice Manner. But Cherchi denied it, recalling that “Maniero is in prison, and therefore there is an objective difficulty. That Maniero, and those who collaborated, were not particularly loved is true, but we have no concrete elements to say that the group’s goal was that. They were more concerned with business than with repaire old rusts of the mala.

Another element of novelty is the operational presence of women: “Since once – commented Cherchi – the activity was of aggression, robbery and murder, it was generally operated by the men of the group. Instead, we noted specific elements in relation to the use of women, especially with regard to the recycling and the fictitious title of assets that come from criminal activities “.

The mayor of Mira: “The state is stronger”

An applause for the Ros operation also from the mayor of Mira, a town in the Venetian area struck by the shady business of the clan. “The presence of a branched criminal organization emerges that would have liked to do good and bad times”, says the mayor Marco Dori, who is also president of the Conference of Mayors of the Riviera del Brenta.

But it is State it is stronger and when the state exists, it is always a source of pride and satisfaction – he adds -. A commitment that, in the area, is also cultural and educational, on which the documentation and promotion centers of legality and of safety“. Just recently, he recalls, the Municipality of Mira “wanted to finance the construction of a podcast about the criminal gang of Brenta, which has obtained a very high following confirming how hot and current the topic remains. We will always fight so that the underworld does not have even a millimeter of space to move ”.

What happened during the blitz

They tried to reconstitute the organization headed by Happy Manor that from the seventies to the nineties terrified the Northeast, but the new exponents of the ‘Mala del Brenta 2.0 ‘were arrested by the carabinieri of the Ros and of the provincial commands of Venezia, Padova, Treviso e Rovigo. Thirty-nine precautionary measures issued by court of Venice, at the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office for criminal association, external competition in criminal association, possession and carrying of firearms, shop of drugs, extortion, robbery, usury and other crimes.

The operation ‘Papillon‘of the anti-mafia and anti-terrorism district directorate of Venice and started at the height of a 5-year investigation, documented “the existence of serious and concordant elements relating to the reconstitution of the disintegrated mafia organization known as Mala del Brenta “especially after the release – after long detentions – of members of the menstrini fringe.

The main goal of the clan was to control and manage the great routes of the tourist flow of the lagoon.

In the course of the investigations were also carried out 6 arrests in the act, 3 complaints on the loose as well as the seizure of two semi-automatic pistols complete with ammunition, 3 radio-controlled explosive devices high potential and amazing of the kind cocaine. A provision was also carried out by seizure of movable and immovable property for a total value
higher than 1 million euros.

Zaia: “A victory of legality”

“The day opens well, with the umpteenth victory of legality over crime – the Governor of Veneto said in a note, Luca Zaia – Congratulations and thanks from all the respectable Venetians to the Ros of the Carabinieri and to the Anti-Mafia Prosecutor, who have vanquished a gang made up of old offenders and new criminals who acted to gain control of the territory ”.

“The first news adds Zaia – they speak of drugs, extortion, robbery weapons and lack of revenge matured in the world of crime. A devastating mix, for legality, but also for the serene social coexistence of a vast territory, which could have increasingly serious consequences. Having him killed is one of the most important operations carried out by the Police and investigators in recent times “.

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