“It was wonderful”. The dive with Malagò and the homage of the rivals – Corriere.it

“It was wonderful”. The dive with Malagò and the homage of the rivals – Corriere.it
“It was wonderful”. The dive with Malagò and the homage of the rivals – Corriere.it
from Arianna Ravelli

At the Absolutes of Riccione Federica Pellegrini swims the last 200 meters and then makes a catwalk in the 50 with her main opponents. On the stands Alberto Tomba, the president of Coni Malagò dives into the pool

Only Federica Pellegrini could do it. A dip in the pool hand in hand with the president of Coni (dressed, only shoes and pluff, inside the head), 50 meters with the opponents of a life that he “fought sportingly” and who three days ago accepted his invitation – Camelia Potec who beat her in Athens 2004, Sarah Sjostrom, Femke Heemskerk, Sara Isakovic who instead lost her Faith in Beijing, Evelyn Verraszto, Alice Mizzau representing the blue companions, plus a pink cap and an empty lane to remember Camille Muffat , who died in a helicopter crash in 2015 -, the cheering of her people, her parents in the stands, her coach “and future husband” Matteo Giunta. And then selfies, autographs, hugs, five popped in the air, in a party all for her. And an Italian title won because in its 200 it is still the best.

The last of Faith, this time really“It was wonderful: a little cheering, a little people, that’s what I wanted in the end. A circle closes, unfortunately due to the restrictions there were fewer people than would have liked to come, but all the people important to me were there “, the words on Rai Sport’s microphones that closely resemble those of another champion who just greeted, with a party, Valentino Rossi. We are always there when it comes to Faith, within the nomenclature of a small circle, of those who have changed their sport (“But I don’t think I have changed swimming, I think I have changed the 200 meters, which are my competition of the heart, my vocation, because when I swim them I always feel in the right place at the right time “). And not by chance to look at it, it is also there Alberto Tomba, another of the same breed.

Faith is moved, she feels the importance of the moment, even if there is no solemnity of the Olympic context, and the greeting after Tokyo brought with it the feat of being the first swimmer to reach the final in the same discipline in five Games. . Up to the starting block, he says, «it was an increase in sensations and emotions, bordering on tears, let’s say I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown; after the presentation I didn’t make it, I was moved, but I managed to recover in time to be able to compete. The dive with Malagò? He promised me. ‘

Now the future has arrived: “There will be many things to do, I will take the commitment with the IOC more seriously than I have been able to do up to now, that will be my job”. One last message before saying goodbye: «Good luck to the young people who are growing up, swimming is a sport of fatigue. We have to believe it, but this in everything we do in life. Go straight on your way, whatever they tell you. There will be deviations, but the strength must be found ». Hello Faith.

November 30, 2021 (change November 30, 2021 | 9:01 pm)


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