here is who will leave the house on December 13th

here is who will leave the house on December 13th
here is who will leave the house on December 13th

Big Brother Vip: here is who will leave the house on 13 December. This is the X date on which competitors can exit the reality show without the risk of paying any penalty. According to results in Leggo there are two weight “Vipponi” who will choose to go out.

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The extension until mid-March of Big Brother Vip has put our Vippos in crisis. Even if Signorini has not yet communicated the exact date of the extension, the newcomers – Patrizia Pellegrino, Maria Monsè, Giacomo Urtis, Valeria Marini and Biagio D’Anelli – confirmed the suspicions of the competitors and discontent grows more and more.

To be able to leave the house though we will have to wait for at least 13 December and as happened in the past edition for Elisabetta Gregoraci and Francesco Oppini, there will be some protagonists of this edition who will choose to leave. According to Leggo, it will be Manuel Bortuzzo and Aldo Montano who will leave the house.

Both sportsmen will choose to leave the game. Bortuzzo in particular, who is having various physical problems in the house, must get back on track in view of the Paralympics. Also Montano he has to resume training but above all he wants to spend Christmas away from his family.

Among the eligible names there is also that of Katia Ricciarelli who also talked about it inside the house: «I go out on the 13th and I have to work at Christmas». At this point we just have to wait for the fateful question from Alfonso Signorini: “Who wants to stay still in the game?».

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