Just one exercise and a few minutes are enough to have toned buttocks at all ages

Just one exercise and a few minutes are enough to have toned buttocks at all ages
Just one exercise and a few minutes are enough to have toned buttocks at all ages

As we all know, the physical aspect can become a real obsession: every time we look in the mirror, we find some flaws.

There are those who shiver at white hair, those who carefully scrutinize their face in search of imperfections and those who are concerned about physical shape.

In this regard, we have already seen that it is not always necessary to go to the gym, but it is also possible to resort to fitness at home.

To strengthen the muscles and boast a firmer physique, therefore, hours of training and specific machinery are not always necessary.

Of course, it is always good to follow the advice of a personal trainer, but just one exercise and a few minutes are enough for toned buttocks at all ages.

The exercise in question is quite well known: it is the position of the bridge.

The benefits of the bridge: a complete exercise

As children, we have all tried to do it at least once, unaware of the benefits that such an arrangement entails.

In fact, this position allows not only to sculpt the buttocks, but also to strengthen the lower back. It is therefore perfect to be inserted both in the most classic training sessions and in the motor rehabilitation phase.

An exercise aimed at everyone, therefore, and particularly complete, as it also allows you to train abdominals, abductors, ankles and calves.

Since it lends itself to numerous variations, we can even decide whether to perform it in its traditional version or increase the intensity.

Just one exercise and a few minutes are all it takes for truly toned glutes at all ages

In physical activity it is always better to proceed gradually, so let’s start with the classic bridge.

Classic bridge

Let us lie on your back, leaving your arms extended at your sides and the palms of your hands facing down.

We bend the knees, pressing the feet against the floor and spreading the legs to the same width as the hips.

We raise the latter, imagining to follow a straight line from the knees to the shoulders.

We contract the buttocks and push the navel towards the spine, making sure that the weight of the body rests on the back and shoulder blades, not on the neck.

Bridge with tight cushion between the knees

Starting from the basic position, we place a pillow between the knees and compress it strongly, maintaining the position for 1 minute.

Butterfly bridge

In this case, we need to bring the soles of the feet together, dropping the knees to the floor and simulating the butterfly wings position with the legs.

We try to lift the pelvis and stay in position for 20-60 seconds.

Lift bridge

We bring the belly towards the floor and the hands next to the shoulders.

We then arrange the heels towards the buttocks, bringing the feet together and slightly opening the knees to the sides.

Remaining with the chest on the ground, we force on the hands, activating the core and lifting the knees off the floor.

We always hold the position for 20-60 seconds or move the knees up and down 15 times without touching the ground.

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