Accident in Garbatella, collision between car and scooter: a man died

More blood on the streets of Rome. A 48-year-old man aboard a scooter died following a stardal accident that occurred at 6:30 pm on Tuesday 30 November, in via Cesare Federici, at the intersection with via Cristoforo Colombo between Tor Marancia and Garbatella. A fatal collision between the electric vehicle and a car.

On the spot, alerted by the driver of the car who immediately stopped, the local police officers of the VIII Tintoretto Group and the 118 staff who, despite the resuscitation attempts, could only ascertain the death of the 48-year-old on board the scooter. The impact for man is fatal.

At the site of the tragedy, for the delimitation of the area, the investigation activities for the reconstruction of the accident and to facilitate traffic in the area, several patrols by the local police of Roma Capitale. The dynamics of the fatal accident are yet to be reconstructed.

It is not the first time that in Rome, a person aboard a scooter dies in a car accident. The latest victim was in September, in via Chiana. A month earlier, in August, a 27-year-old died in hospital after being involved in a scooter accident in via Gregorio VII. Even before at the Infernetto, an autonomous accident: a 52-year-old man lost his life.


Accident Garbatella collision car scooter man died

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