Covid, future German chancellor: “Now everyone has a vaccination obligation”. There are plans to send other patients overseas. Johnson: “Third dose to all adults by January”

Covid, future German chancellor: “Now everyone has a vaccination obligation”. There are plans to send other patients overseas. Johnson: “Third dose to all adults by January”
Covid, future German chancellor: “Now everyone has a vaccination obligation”. There are plans to send other patients overseas. Johnson: “Third dose to all adults by January”

The expected meeting is underway between the outgoing German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and the head of the new government, Olaf Scholz, together with the governors of the 16 Länder. On the table the epidemiological situation in the country most affected by the new wave of coronavirus which risks worsening with the arrival in several European countries, and beyond, of the new variante Omicron generatasi in South Africa. While waiting to know the result of the meeting, the line of the new executive seems to be that of a hard fist. During the summit, the German Chancellor in pectore expressed himself in favor ofvaccination obligation for all: “It is important to establish a general obligation to vaccinate,” he said according to reports from some German media. The future Minister of Economy, Robert Habeck, he had instead declared in an interview with Zdf that “it is clear what must happen. Contacts must be reduced, the 2G rule must be applied at the federal level in a binding way for all places of public life, we need a lockdown for the unvaccinated“.

The one who will sit in the German finance department speaks loudly about today’s ruling of the Federal Constitutional Court that has rejected the appeals introduce yourself against lockdown last spring, the one that had been renamed by the executive Merkel “emergency brake” and which provided for the possibility for the central government to close schools, restaurants, events, and put restrictions on contacts. Instead, the Karlsruhe judges recognized that such measures were compatible with the Constitution “in the extreme danger of the pandemic”. Thus, the new executive adds to the dose, with the minister calling for a new limitation to capacity in stadiums.

All measures that Berlin it intends to take on the pandemic and above all the health situation in the country. After the first patients sent abroad, even in Italy, the situation of terapie intensive remains “Highly dramatic”, said the health minister of the Baden-Wuerttemberg, announcing that the Land is preparing to send patients abroad and that has already received availability from Italy (Lombardy), France e Swiss. “We are preparing to transfer patients abroad, should it be necessary,” he said Manne Fight -, people can’t take it anymore “.

Even the UK pushes on the vaccination campaign and the premier Boris Johnson he stated that by the end of January the government aims to have administered the third dose to the entire adult population to combat the spread of the Omicron variant, “waiting for our scientists to crush it”. But he still said he was “confident” that the next Christmas is meant to be if nothing else “Better than last year” on the front of the limitations imposed by Covid, despite the threat of the new Omicron variant.

Then there are the governments that have decided to resort to administrative sanctions towards novax citizens. While the Greece plans to inflict many give 100 euros for those over 60 who will refuse immunization against Covid, in Austria, where it will come into effect from February 2022 the obligation to vaccinate, those who do not undergo immunization could arrive fines of up to 7,200 euros, according to the latest draft of the Covid-19 vaccination protection law, the Covid-19 vaccine obligation law of which it reports The press. The text should be ready for the week of December 6, with the obligation that it would apply to those living in Austria, with only a few exceptions, such as the cases of those who cannot get vaccinated without endangering their life or health and at least in part pregnant women and children up to 12 years.

Also in India it was decided to target those who refused to undergo the vaccine. In the state of Kerala, the governor Pinarayi Vijayan announced today that his government it will no longer guarantee free treatment to unvaccinated Covid-19 patients. “Anyone who does not collaborate with the state’s efforts to fight the pandemic will be excluded from free treatments,” he said, adding that “anyone who cannot take the vaccine due to allergies or other diseases will have to prove it with a medical certificate.”

In France and in United Statesinstead, the recommendations regarding the categories that must undergo the vaccine are reinforced. Paris extended it to children aged 5 to 11 at risk. The French High Authority for Health (Has) recommends vaccination for children of this age group who are vulnerable or who live in contact with immunosuppressed or vulnerable people who are not protected by the vaccine: “The Has – reads a note – recommends right now to open vaccinations to some children of this age group: those who have a risk of developing a severe form of the disease or at risk of death and those who live alongside an immunosuppressed or vulnerable person who is not protected by the vaccine or who is not could have been vaccinated “.

I Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), however, have made it known that all adults aged 18 and over “should” receive a ‘booster’ of the anti Covid-19 vaccine. Previously, this recommendation targeted the most vulnerable Americans, including those over 50, while the option was left open for younger and healthier adults. A recommendation that goes against the trend of the judge’s ruling Matthew Shell from St Louis which he blocked in 10 states the obligation to vaccinate of the Biden government for health workers, believing that the agency that imposed it abused its authority. The states concerned are Missouri, Nebraska, Arkansas, Kansas, Iowa, Wyoming, Alaska, South Dakota, North Dakota and New Hampshire.

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