The Gucci Circolo Milano amplifies the brand’s community

A magnificent meeting place, a successful social experiment, a real daydream which, like any dream, assumes an awakening. After two months, as planned from the beginning, the temporary space Gucci Circolo Milano closes its doors, leaving behind a series of appointments, events, talks and workshops that have contributed to strengthening the brand’s community in Italy.


A dreamlike, unexpected, changing and immersive space. The Gucci Circolo Milano from 1 October it took shape inside the baroque Palazzo Gallarati Scotti, in the heart of the fashion district, to tell stories with a series of visionary paintings the Aria collection, designed by Alessandro Michele and presented in April 2021. And it is precisely with the Aria catwalk that the constantly evolving nature of the space took shape in the first phase of opening, receiving enormous feedback from visitors. The path started by “Gucci 100”, in a succession of installations that enhance the aesthetics of the Maison, came to an end with “The Hacker Project”. Clothes and accessories were the protagonists of an engaging narrative, experienced firsthand by the visitors who were also able to access the other spaces of the club.

In the first place, at Screening Lounge, the real beating heart of the Gucci Circolo Milano. A multifunctional space capable of transforming itself according to scheduled appointments, taking the appearance of a cinema lounge – during the moments of talk and screening – or of a laboratory and game room – on the occasion of card tournaments and workshops.

The Gucci Circolo Milano amplifies the brand's community

The Listening Lounge turned out to be the most fun room for visitors to the Gucci Circolo Milano. An area where it was possible to discover the Maison’s notes and reference artists including Harry Styles, Sir Elton John, Florence Welch, Achille Lauro. And take home a memory of the experience: the download of a special playlist created on the occasion of Gucci’s 100th anniversary, or a “guccified” portrait taken inside the photo booth.

The Gucci Circolo Milano amplifies the brand's community

The tea room of the Gucci Circolo Milano it was an obligatory stop, to enjoy a moment of exclusive relaxation and share your own experience of the Gucci dream, before returning to the hectic life of the city.

The Gucci Circolo Milano amplifies the brand's community


Gucci Circolo Milano amplifies brands community

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