The turning point in Austria: fine of 7,200 euros for those who do not vaccinate

The turning point in Austria: fine of 7,200 euros for those who do not vaccinate
The turning point in Austria: fine of 7,200 euros for those who do not vaccinate

As of February 1, 2022, in Austria, the Covid-19 vaccine will become mandatory. As the Austrian Health Minister Wolfgang Mueckstein declares, it is a “measure without alternatives“since the percentage of vaccinated people in the country does not reach 70%.

Those who do not intend to inoculate themselves risk having to pay for one more of 3,600 euros. The amount will be doubled, therefore 7,200 euros, if the non-compliance continues. However, the figure is still unofficial since the government is still evaluating what the best position could be. The possibility is not excluded, as the Minister for European and Constitutional Affairs Karoline Edstadler anticipates, that this can be retouched and above all that the specification on the financial situation of the individual is added. The obligation, according to the first rumors, will concern all over 14 resident on Austrian territory. This is because in the country once the age of 14 is no longer necessary parental consent in order to be vaccinated. “We will not make vaccination mandatory for primary school children“, always declares Edstadler. Obviously it will continue not to be mandatory even for all those who cannot be immunized for medical reasons. This is what the preliminary draft” Covid-19-Impfschutz-Gesetz “provides, that is the bill on vaccination obligation that will be announced on Monday 6 December by the Austrian government.

How will it happen

The Austrian new chancellor Alexander Schallenberg during a call with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, she said: “Vaccination will remain our only way out of the pandemic and a high vaccination rate will be the only way out of this vicious circle“. These are essentially the reasons that are pushing the Austrian government to take such a strong decision. If the choice is confirmed, Schallenberg explained that the obligation will start on February 1, 2022. Until that date, two reminders will be sent to all those who have not been vaccinated. At that point sanctions will be triggered for those who have not been inoculated. The hope of the prime minister is that this is only “the last resort” and that people are convinced above all by looking at the data.

In Austria, in fact, for the first time the epidemiological studies of the Agency for Health and Food Safety (Ages) have shown how vaccination against Covid-19 protects in 95% of cases from hospitalization in case of infection. Precisely, AstraZeneca, Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna in the period under review, ie three weeks last July, had an extremely high protection rate: from 94 to 99%. Slightly lower Johnson & Johnson, close to 84%.


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