elderly woman dies after hospitalization

elderly woman dies after hospitalization
elderly woman dies after hospitalization

AND dead a 94 year old woman in hospital, after 25 days of hospitalization. The old woman was in the hospital after having been robbed, last November 6. The complications due to fracture of the femur, procured by the robber, who entered her house in Magnago (Milan) to rob her, led her to death.

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The old woman, attacked by the criminal who had managed to get into his cottage, had been immobilized and robbed of jewels, then tug and violently pushed to the ground. The fall resulted in one bad fracture in the femur.

Hurt and scared she had managed to ask for help from her family, who called 112. Carabinieri and 118 rescuers rushed to the scene and transported the woman to the hospital in Busto Arsizio.

Unfortunately, despite the care, the woman didn’t make it and now the robber’s position has definitely gotten worse. The soldiers of the Legnano company investigate the matter

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elderly woman dies hospitalization

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