Why Netflix is ​​raising the prices of Italian subscriptions

Why Netflix is ​​raising the prices of Italian subscriptions
Why Netflix is ​​raising the prices of Italian subscriptions

It has been since October that Netflix has announced the increase in subscription prices for Italy. The previous increase was in June 2019, and the one still prior to 2017 (notice a pattern?). However, not everyone has received the subscription price increase since its announcement.

Our subscription, for example, will increase in price starting from 29 December next. But what are the reasons behind this increase in the monthly cost? In reality, Netflix Italy had already answered this question in October. However, in the email that arrives on the mailbox with which the account was registered for the service, they are also reported other reasons.

Hi Lorenzo, we hope you are enjoying the extensive Netflix catalog. We are updating our prices to give you an entertainment experience that always exceeds your expectations. Your monthly fee will increase to € 17.99 on December 29, 2021.

The “excuse me” is more or less the same, offering an overall experience that always exceeds our expectations, expanding the catalog and so on. And indeed keep the volume of original productions that Netflix churns out every month doesn’t have to be easy. Adding to this the increasingly fierce competition, production costs often increased also due to the pandemic and the large number of users sharing the account, it is not so strange that there is a price increase. The email continues like this:

This update adds value to your membership because it will allow us to bring you stories that are motivating, moving, or that simply improve your day.

We do not know if with “adding value” Netflix also refers to the free games included on the mobile version of the application. It is also true though that those who pay Netflix certainly do not pay for the smartphone games included. There has been no shortage of “exciting” stories in recent months. For example, Midnight Mass comes to mind (do yourself a favor and get it back), Squid Game, the second season of Locke & Key, Arcane, Narcos Mexico and many others. However, it should also be emphasized that Netflix is ​​currently one of the more expensive streaming services among those available to users.

We are talking about the 4K subscription for 4 screens at the same time, the one that now costs 17,99€, but it is also true that in an era in which 4K TVs have almost completely supplanted full HD ones and in which the screens of smartphones, tablets and laptops boast ever higher resolutions, the 4K plan is practically the only one worthy of attention. Compared to the € 8.99 requested by Disney +, which among other things boasts an increasingly rich catalog (and the same ease of account sharing), or with the figures required by other services (Apple TV +, Prime Video) , Netflix’s is a pretty hefty price tag.


Netflix raising prices Italian subscriptions

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