BH iLynx Trail: 16 kg and new 2EXMAG engine


The is coming BH iLynx Trail, an ultra light e-MTB featuring the new 2EXMAG engine.

The lightweight e-MTB concept, introduced by BH iLynx Race last year, is expanded with the arrival of a model for the Trail: equipped with an efficient 150 mm suspension with the Split Pivot system, geometry inherited from a real trail bike, 540 Wh battery with great autonomy and the adoption of the new 2EXMAG engine.

New 2EXMAG engine

BH has continued to refine its engine to bring the new generation of lightweight e-bikes to life.
The new BH iLynx Trail is equipped with the new 2EXMAG engine, lighter and equipped with a telemetry torque sensor to offer progressive assistance up to 300%.

The 2EXMAG engine boasts an even lower weight, by just 2,1 kg, which maintains all the performance of the previous version: 250 W of power e 65 Nm of maximum torque.
Thanks to its small size, a very low Q-Factor is achieved, offering a natural pedaling position.

Furthermore, when the motor offers no assistance it is possible to pedal without any additional friction, as if it were a traditional bicycle. This allows you to move at over 25 km / h with the same effort as an MTB without an engine.

The assistance provided by the 2EXMAG engine is very natural thanks to the new torque sensor and the integrated speed sensor. The precise information gathered by both and the new advanced software allow the engine to offer the power in the smoothest and most progressive way possible.
It is also capable of assisting at high cadence, up to 110 revolutions per minute.

In addition to being equipped with a 540 Wh battery, capable of reaching 130 km of autonomy, it is possible to add the Xpro additional battery, easy to install via the Plug & Ride system to reach 720 Wh and 175 km of autonomy.

Minimalism and comfort with the new iRemote command

The BH iLynx Trail does without the display to use the new iRemote command, minimalist, ergonomic and comfortable. It can count on 3 buttons with vibration to switch from one assistance mode to another and to turn the engine on and off.
In addition, it is equipped with an LED lighting system that shows the battery level and mode visually while driving.

The iRemote is compatible with Garmin devices, allowing you to view the multitude of extra system data such as battery, speed, cadence, range, etc.
Furthermore, thanks to theapp BH iConnect it is possible to change the number of modes, as well as the percentage of assistance and individual acceleration.

A real MTB

The similarity between the iLynx Trail and a traditional MTB from the BH catalog goes beyond aesthetics.
The frame is completely carbon and Ballistic carbon fiber was used, particularly impact resistant, obtaining a weight of just 1,975 grams. A key element to ensure that the weight of the fully assembled bicycle is just 16 kg.

A cambio Sram UDH, integrated seat lock, fully internal harness from the steering and Acros BlockLock steering lock.

One of the highlights is the step to the Super Boost axle, which allows you to create stronger wheels and offer solid support for tires up to 2.6 “.

It is also ready to use the FIT, an instrument system integrated into the head tube.

The geometry is designed to achieve traditional trail bike riding sensations. They got it compact chainstays of just 451 mm and a direction angle of 66º in combination with a reach 453 mm (in size M).

Range and prices

The BH iLynx Trail range is available in 4 versions which offer 5 standard color options and the ability to completely customize the aesthetics through the program BH Unique.
They are available in sizes from SM to XL and with prices starting from € 6,499.

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