«Possible to bring forward the third dose. To date 500 thousand healthy performances …

«Possible to bring forward the third dose. To date 500 thousand healthy performances …
«Possible to bring forward the third dose. To date 500 thousand healthy performances …

According to the Venetian governor Luca Zaia – live from 12.30 for the latest updates on the coronavirus emergency – “probably, if it continues like this, all of Italy, or almost, will turn yellow in the next few weeks”. However, Zaia stressed, “on the one hand there is the Super Green pass which should at least lock up and prevent the closure of the orange areas, with closure of the municipal boundaries and many activities such as bars and restaurants. On the other hand, however, the strategy is to vaccinate, and I gladly see that there is this day, it seems tomorrow, which includes important vaccination actions “. Below are the details of the live broadcast:


“We have decided to intensify these meetings to give all the correct training on infections, vaccines, schools and variants. There are 2,362 positive swabs in 24 hours out of 13,8491 tampons, last year we did 50 thousand tampons a day and in fact today the incidence is 1.70%. Last year at this time we had 7 percent of the positives. To date there are 30,849 positive, that is to say four times as much the minimum peak we have reached of 8 thousand. 658 patients are hospitalized (last year they were 3,200) +47 compared to yesterday, 553 in non-critical area and 105 in intensive care (last year they were 300 in intensive care) that is +7 in 24 hours. The first sign of the reduction in hospital activity is the reduction of non-covid intensive which today are 315 and not 350 like the other days, which means fewer important operations. This is the worst figure today after 10 deaths from covid (11,963 since the beginning of the pandemic). The discharged are 28 ”


“We are facing a perfect storm because the sanitary effort to which we have subjected the sanitary machinery of Veneto is something incredible, they are our ram’s head against the covid, unfortunately there are no reinforcements and my thanks go to them because unlike last year when we dealt with treatments, swabs and contact tracing, today we also have to make vaccines. And this, especially with the third dose, requires a lot of effort. More than two million citizens must be vaccinated by the end of the month. Which is almost impossible unless we work as a team, you understand that this is the great challenge, that of reaching 50 thousand vaccines a day “


“There are 31,853 vaccinations in the last 24 hours, 2,150 first doses and 28,178 third doses, 1,525 second doses. It is a great challenge and in a voluntary sphere of the third dose we have to say how things stand: that is, that more than 80 percent in intensive care is unvaccinated. But the crucial aspect is that the vaccinated in the hospital is a large elderly person with co-morbidities. And despite this, the rest homes, touching iron, are safe. The highlight of the inpatients is between 40-60 years unvaccinated and many of these are in intensive care. We are moving towards 86% of the vaccinated, at least 4 points that we can still recover if we engage in dialogue and social pacification. At the moment these are the percentages of vaccination by age group:

  • over 80 anni 100%
  • 70-79 years 93.2%
  • 60-69 years 90.2%;
  • 50-59 years 86.1%,
  • 40-49 years 80.4%;
  • 30-39 years 80.3%;
  • 20-29 years 84.6%;
  • 12-19 years 73.7%

The goal is to reach 40 thousand vaccines a day even if we aim for 50 thousand “


«From today, access to the first doses is free, there may be some tension from an organizational point of view, but the first dose is the first stage. From this moment, those who received the reservation for the third dose, but did it when it was six months old, but could anticipate, will be reached by an email between today and tomorrow and will be able to safely change the email from the link of that email. new vaccination date. All the others who book from today will have a new element in the booking email, a link where you can change the booking date without losing your seat “


“Due to Covid, 500 thousand services are not fulfilled. This is because the covid also hurts those who do not have the covid. This is why we appeal to citizens to protect themselves with vaccines. I also invite you to use the mask in an obsessive way, we can not afford to send health to collapse. And then I want to remember that the phrase “don’t worry so much I’m not vaccinated” is a phrase that doesn’t make any sense because maybe you don’t end up in hospital, but you can get infected and you can spread the virus “


«It is not excluded that we will finish in yellow, we already have two out of three parameters passed. We are at high risk. I appeal to those who still believe that the virus does not exist, but do we really have to go back to lock ourselves in the house because we don’t want to wear a mask? ”


«The commissioner is already speaking with free choice pediatricians. I am for the idea of ​​starting the vaccination (23 December) of children through pediatricians. Adults cannot place the responsibility on children, we cannot vaccinate children to justify the 20% of adults who have not been vaccinated. Everyone decides for himself “

Councilor Lanzarin intervenes

“At the moment there is no official provision but we are in the wake of the suspension of some health services having strong pressure on contact tracing, swabs and vaccines. We had started to recover well, out of 500 thousand backlogs we had recovered almost 200 thousand, but it is obvious that having to slow down and accumulating new performances, we are going back up “

Doctor Russo intervenes

SCHOOL. «As you have seen, the incidence is rising and many children are affected. It is temporarily suspended for which we tried to apply the protocol until the infections rose rapidly. That is, we remained in the classroom with 2 cases, while now with one case, regardless of the grade, the rest of the class goes to quarantine. It seems like a penalty but it is not, but the epidemiological situation applies. We also informed the regional school office yesterday. The incidence in young people is very high compared to the general population which is equal to 226 cases out of 100 thousand and this justifies the measure. The incidence by school group is:

  • primary school 444.1 cases out of 100 thousand
  • middle school 321.8 out of 100 thousand
  • high school 259.9 100 thousand

VARIANTE OMICRON. «The patient isolated index case at the Sacco hospital is a person who has returned from South Africa. We do not know much about this variant in terms of gravity, it could probably be very contagious, the thing that is certain is that as new variants appear they replace the previous ones, so the forecast is that this replaces the Delta. This has many mutations and needs to be studied. In our region, 13 people returning from South Africa have been reported and quarantined and at the moment they are all negative. Attention is therefore very high and we must prevent the new variant from spreading “

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