Yellow zone: the risk increases in Emilia Romagna. New data – Chronicle

Yellow zone: the risk increases in Emilia Romagna. New data – Chronicle
Yellow zone: the risk increases in Emilia Romagna. New data – Chronicle

Bologna, 30 November 2021 – The specter of yellow zone on the horizon, contagion from Covid-19 on the rise, hospitals under stress and high attention for the spread of variante Omicron in Italy: theEmilia Romagna prepares to face what could prove to be the most critical period of fourth wave of the pandemic.

Pending the new rules on Super Green pass, which will start from December 6, today the new circular for the school that triggers theto Dad (distance learning) even with only one positive in class.

Covid cases on the rise: + 35% next week

The anticipation comes from the Director of Public Health in the Region Giuseppe Diegoli. The regional RT has in fact risen to 1,35 and this means that “we have to expect 35% more cases next week than this one”.
The RT is the index of contagion of the virus which measures how many people on average is infecting an already positive person. In fact, it describes the contagiousness rate of a geographic area. The risk threshold, which protects hospitals from overloading, is considered 1, i.e. when one person is able to infect only another.

The data from the latest Covid monitoringThe latest Coronavirus bulletin in Emilia Romagna

Hospitals: numbers of intensive care and non-critical wards

In intensive care in Emilia Romagna: with 69 total hospitalizations, saturation is 7.8%, not far from the 10% limit set for the passage to the yellow zone. The situation is slightly better in the Covid wards, where 660 patients are in the region: 8.3% on a threshold of 15%. ù

Incidence growing

Diegoli speaks of a “continuous growth of the incidence”, which however is not exponential, albeit with significant differences between area and area. Among the highest data are 259 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the territory of the Ausl Romagna (where Rimini is an exception) and the 274 cases of Imola. Bologna has 134 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, while the lowest data in Emilia-Romagna is that of Parma: 57 cases.

Who are the new infected in Emilia Romagna

The greatest growth in infections remains in school age, in particular as regards the age group 6-13 where there is an incidence of 396 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. But the virus continues to grow somewhat in all age groups, while as regards the very young, 0-5 years old, the data are “fairly stable and low, because they have fewer attendances outside of school”, reports Diegoli .

On the other hand, the tracing of contacts to primary school is increasingly complicated “why the data has definitely increased “. Yesterday as Regions, the manager continues, the Government was asked to temporarily suspend the protocol on screening in sentinel schools, “for the poor salivary reliability as a predictive index “.

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