The rules change at school: class in Dad with only one infected

The rules change at school: class in Dad with only one infected
The rules change at school: class in Dad with only one infected

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The infections grow and the classes in the schools return in Dad even with only one infected student from coronavirus. This was established by a ministerial circular signed yesterday evening. The document updates the guidelines for identifying and managing case contacts Sars-CoV-2 infection in schools and follows the Circular signed jointly between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education of 3 November last on «Indications for the identification and management of contacts of cases of Sars-CoV-2 infection in the school setting».

The new rules

«Lately – reads the circular – we are witnessing a rapid and generalized increase in the number of new cases of Sars-CoV-2 infection, even in school age, with a weekly incidence (cases / population) still growing and equal to 125 per 100,000 inhabitants (11/19/2021 – 11/25/2021): value well far from the optimal one of 50 per 100,000, useful for a correct tracking of cases “. “In consideration of the fact that the indications had been taken with reference to the existing epidemiological situation, to be re-evaluated in the event of an increase in viral circulation or other significant changes affecting the epidemiological emergency itself, it is considered appropriate to temporarily suspend the surveillance program with testing and consider quarantine for all close contact subjects of a class / group where there was also a single case among students and / or school staff “.

«In the event that the health authorities are unable to intervene promptly, the head teacher learned of a confirmed case in their school is to be considered authorized, exceptionally and urgently – reads the document – to arrange distance teaching immediately for the entire class group without prejudice to the assessments of the ASL in order to identify the subjects (to be considered close contacts following an epidemiological investigation ) to be formally submitted to the quarantine measure. The opportunity remains valid for the Prevention Departments to choose the control strategy for the protection of public health for each individual epidemic outbreak investigation in the school environment “.

The situation in Bresciano

The entrance of the primary Ugolini in via Repubblica Argentina in the city – Photo Marco Ortogni / Neg ©

The situation is also in our province is in line with the national trend: quarantined classes are on the rise. Two main cases emerged in the last few hours. The entire school including Aldo Moro di Capriolo is completely in Dad after a school canteen operator tested positive for coronavirus. A worrying situation also at the Ugolini primary school in via Repubblica Argentina in the city: 10 out of 15 classes are in quarantine.

The point of view of the principals

«We were easy cassandre, we had already raised the alarm a few days after the publication of the joint Health-Education note n. 1218 of 6 November last. The schools, despite the many difficulties and with an immeasurable workload on the shoulders of managers and staff, held up. The same cannot be said of the prevention departments that have not succeeded right away a ensure the timing of testing and in many cases they have not applied those tracking procedures ”. This is the comment of Antonello Giannelli, president of the Deans’ association on returning to Dad even with only one infected.

«With the increase in pressure due to the rise of the cases, the rules of the protocol have jumped, forcing the use of Dad even with only one case of positivity in the classroom. The pandemic is far from over and we must all work together to combat it, starting with a more complete mass vaccination, “he added.

The government’s point of view

Boys in class with masks - Photo Ansa / Nicola Fossella ©

Boys in class with masks – Photo Ansa / Nicola Fossella ©

On the school “we are facing a situation in front of a constantly changing picture. We had changed the protocol that included three positives for Dad. Given and considered that there is a sharp increase in the number of people under 12 (who they are not yet vaccinated because there is no vaccine yet), we considered prudent, with a choice shared with the Regions, to return to the initial forecast, with Dad in the event of a positive in the classroom. It is a measure that takes into account the current framework ». This is what the Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa said when speaking on Radio Anch’Io, on Radio1.

The point of view of the trade unions

«We urgently asked to meet the representatives of the Ministry of Health because the circular has alarmed all the school staff and has produced new problems for the managers who will have to review the procedures for tracing again. The urgency of the Ministry of Health makes us think that anti-contagion measures cannot be underestimated. A gesture of responsibility on the part of everyone is necessary: ​​it is not the time for screams but for dialogue to help the school get to the Christmas holidays with the greatest number of face-to-face teaching activities ». So Maddalena Gissi (Cisl) at Ansa ..

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