” I can’t lie anymore, we … ”

” I can’t lie anymore, we … ”
” I can’t lie anymore, we … ”

Soleil Sorge gets angry with Alex Belli and urges him to tell the truth.

Alex Belli e Soleil Rises continue to argue and no one seems to believe that between the two there is a simple friendship. After bet of the Big Brother Vip, the actor is resentful of the reaction of the blonde influencer, who blurts out and demands the truth about this relationship.

Big Brother Vip, Soleil Sorge doesn’t fit!

The controversy that has arisen around the relationship of artistic complicity between Alex Belli e Soleil Rises. The actor constantly changes his version of events, fearful of offending her wife Delia Duran, arousing the wrath of the blonde influencer. Over the last episode of Big Brother Vip, beforepanic attack by Lulù Selassiè, Alfonso Signorini investigated this particular friendship by showing the video live passionate kiss that the two exchanged.

Soleil showed the first signs of abating, suggesting that she was being held back by the cameras and Alex he was furious at this hesitation. After the episode, as Biccy reports, Soleil he asked for a comparison with Gieffino, admitting: “You saw me dazed, but it was because you said bullshit. You said ‘the cameras wouldn’t hold me back if I was interested’. Let’s not play like that, you know very well. I remained silent, in silence so as not to muddy anything. But you don’t have to freak out if I have the eye of someone who doesn’t have something right. I am much angrier than you are. Then remember that I am the one who is going through the worst “.

worries claims the truth e Clear he explains that he is nervous, with the nerves of leather for being stuck in this love dynamic that he wishes had never been born. Despite the outburst, in the night, Alex declares his feelings for Soleil. Shortly after, speaking with Sophie Codegoni, Soleil confirmed: “Alfonso mio also asked if we are staying for the cameras. I can’t lie. Do you want the pure truth Sophie? Yes, of course we stop for the cameras. Obviously we modulate ourselves for the cameras. Yes, of course at least I form myself for those. Then, however, I’m 90% myself and 10% I certainly brake “. What do you think?

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