Collision with trucks on state road 101, he dies trapped inside the Fiat Multipla

GALATONE – The precise dynamics are still to be clarified and the carabinieri will carry out the reconstructions. It seems, however, that there are also testimonies of other motorists in transit at that time and, in any case, after the impact, the driver of a truck carrying frozen foods, at first gone away, stopped short of a lay-by. away and called 113, explaining that he was involved in an accident. An accident, unfortunately, proved to be fatal.

The umpteenth tragedy of the road in the province of Lecce occurred just before 10 on the state road 101 Gallipoli-Lecce, 300 meters before the junction for Galatone and Santa Maria al Bagno. To lose my life, Giuseppe Leopizzi, 55 years old from Parabita, owner of a construction company. The reconstructions, as mentioned, are still in progress, but, as far as we have been able to ascertain so far, it seems that Leopizzi, driving his Fiat Multipla, hit the truck. It is a 35 quintal vehicle and it will be necessary to understand if it was stationary on the side of the roadway or in motion at the moment of impact.

The fact is that, in the clash, Leopizzi got the worst of it. The crash must have been particularly violent, so much so that the passenger compartment was completely destroyed and the victim trapped between the sheets. Nothing to do for him. The 118 operators, who started with a red code, were only able to ascertain his death. To extract the 55-year-old’s body from the car, the intervention of the firefighters of the Gallipoli detachment, who worked for a long time, was necessary.

The investigations into the accident are now in the hands of the carabinieri of the Galatone station and of the Gallipoli mobile radio operating unit. Lecce traffic police and a steering wheel from the Gallipoli police station, who arrived together with Anas personnel, assisted in the road system. The body was transferred to the mortuary of the “Vito Fazzi” hospital in the capital.

Updates in the next few hours

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