39 suspects, dozens of arrests in the night. The historical bosses are back, they wanted to kill Felice Maniero

39 suspects, dozens of arrests in the night. The historical bosses are back, they wanted to kill Felice Maniero
39 suspects, dozens of arrests in the night. The historical bosses are back, they wanted to kill Felice Maniero

VENICE – Shot at a criminal group that had reconstituted the mafia organization known as Mala del Brenta. I carabinieri of the Ros, with the support in the executive phase of the provincial carabinieri commands of Venice, Padua, Treviso and Rovigo, have carried out an application order of precautionary measures issued by the court of Venice, at the request of the local prosecutor, against 39 people, under investigation for various reasons, for criminal association, external competition in criminal association, possession and carrying of firearms, drug dealing, extortion, robbery, usury and other crimes, some of which aggravated by the crime of mafia association. The investigation, directed by the anti-mafia and anti-terrorism district directorate of Venice, documented how the subjects intended to reconstitute the mafia organization known as Mala del Brenta, in particular after the release of some inmates, members of the fringe of mestrini.

The prosecutor Bruno Cherchi

«They are the same protagonists of the Mala del Brenta. Even if a little aged, they are equally very dangerous – says the public prosecutor Bruno Cherchi – Once they got out of prison they were able to resume the business of dealing and in concrete all the criminal activity in the Venice area. There are the old interests of the menstrini faction related to drug dealing, this does not mean that we have also ruled out other activities such as robberies and extortion».

The role of women

Among the novelties, compared to the old Mala del Brenta, the role of women. “Women play an important role in the new organization – continues Cherchi – and it is a novelty, because in the old organization mainly the men of the group worked. Now, on the other hand, we have noticed the use of several women especially with regard to money laundering and the fictitious headings of assets deriving from the criminal activity.».

Weapons of war

“They have been kidnapped various weapons, including war weapons as well as Kalashnikovs, this demonstrates the danger of the group – continues the prosecutor – among the objectives there was also the will to kill Felice Maniero».

They wanted to re-establish the Mala del Brenta

And it would have started from the exponents of the so-called menstrin fringe, released from prison as mentioned above for the end of their detention, the attempt to reconstitute the criminal control exercised by the association of Felice Maniero on the Venetian territory. This is what has been ascertained by the District and Counter-Terrorism Directorate of the Venice Public Prosecutor’s Office. The DDA has documented the existence of “serious and consistent elements relating to the reconstitution of the disintegrated mafia organization known as Mala del Brenta”. A project developed starting from 2015.

Who is involved in the investigation

The names that emerge from the investigation into the reconstruction of the Mala del Brenta are well known to the police. This is Gilberto Boatto, Paolo Pattarello, Antonio “Marietto” Pandolfo , Gino Causin and Loris Trabujo.

President Zaia

«The day opens well, with yet another victory of the law over crime. Congratulations and thanks from all the Venetians for good to the Ros of the Carabinieri and the Anti-Mafia Prosecutor, who have vanquished a gang composed of old offenders and new criminals who acted to get control of the territory – he comments the president of Veneto Luca Zaia – The first news talks about drugs, extortion, weapons robbery and failed revenge matured in the world of crime. A devastating mix, for the legality, but also for the serene social coexistence of a vast territory, which could have increasingly serious consequences. Having him struck down is one of the most important operations carried out by the Police and investigators in recent times. This morning a large part of the Veneto region knows it can live more peacefully; he knows that crime does not give up, but that law enforcement officers do not retreat an inch».

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