Milano Whisky Festival… Rum & Brown Spirits 2021

Rho (Milan) – From Saturday 4th to Monday 6th December 2021 the sixteenth edition of the Milan Whiskey Festival, which returns in an expanded edition – starting with the name – transforming itself into Milano Whisky Festival… Rum & Brown Spirits. The location is also new: the appointment is at pavilion 4 of the Fiera Milano Rho in the following opening hours: Saturday from 14.00 to 23.00, Sunday from 13.00 to 21.00, Monday from 13.00 to 20.00.

Rho (Milan) – This year the Milan Whiskey Festival is held simultaneously with theArtisan at the Fair 2021. Consequently, to access the event it is necessary to purchase the entrance ticket on the website of Milan Whiskey Festival (or directly at the entrance to the fair) and register for free on the website of theCraftsman at the fair. The entrance ticket (daily 10 euros, 3-day pass 15 euros) includes a glass, a cup holder, a whiskey guide and a coupon that can be spent online.

Rho (Milan) – Alongside the traditional Scottish distilleries the enthusiasts of spirits they can find exposed and ready to be tasted or bought whiskey and rum from all over the world. Furthermore, as per tradition, the 2021 edition is also characterized by masterclass e seminars: guided tours to learn more or begin to savor the history and tastes of these spirits.

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Milano Whisky Festival Rum Brown Spirits

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