the order of nurses calls for caution

The invitation of the Order of Nurses of Sassari for Christmas.

The spectrum of new variants, together with the worsening of the health situation, brings the Order of Nurses of Sassari an observation: we must learn to look at the moment we are living but projecting oneself, to the
same time, in the long run.

“This means that we cannot think that in the face of a more peaceful Christmas we will be out of the pandemic – explains Gianluca Chelo, president of the Sassari Order of Nurses -. One of the errors committed in this year and a half was to think that the emergency would be resolved from month to month. This perception does not take into account at least two important factors: the timing of contagion and hospitalization and the impact that new restrictions together with an increase in infections have on the most fragile people both from a health and psychological point of view “.

Keep your guard up regardless of the recurrence, in short, thinking of new restrictions as well
to the impact on the economy and on sociality, I determine a cascade important consequences for the elderly,
immunosuppressed, cancer patients and those in need of ongoing care who are already paying
psychologically one situation of uncertainty and fear.

The data, from this point of view, speak for themselves. The last ten days have seen reaching saturation
the beds in the ICU
, Covid stations are at the limit and half of them host patients
severe. The increase of intensive care determines a greater commitment health facilities and a
personnel who are in short supply and who are at the end of their strength. On the one hand it becomes
more and more complex manage access to 118, on the other hand, it is difficult to ensure correct
health care for families in need of health support and who become doubly

Together with the increase of states of anxiety, loneliness and sleep disturbances, according to data released in
the occasion of the world day of mental health, the symptoms of stress have increased by more than 40% e
anxiety due to the lockdown, with a + 12% recorded by the market for anxiolytics. Infected,
family and health are the people most at risk.

“Because of this we cannot think only of the immediate, to save Christmas – continues Chelo -. Is critical
think about the consequences that the emergency also has from a psychological and social point of view, which then have repercussions on our daily professional lives and on the lives of citizens. Here, we repeat, it is essential to unlock the figure
community nurse who would allow one greater health and psychological proximity for families, supporting situations far from hubs and guaranteeing immediate help to health facilities. But we need, upstream, a greater prudence in the use of protective equipment and attention to symptoms, along with vaccination. Only in this way, together with Christmas, will we be able to save all of us “.

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