Juve, the interception of President Agnelli’s men: ‘Only Calciopoli is worse than that’ | Market

Juve, the interception of President Agnelli’s men: ‘Only Calciopoli is worse than that’ | Market
Juve, the interception of President Agnelli’s men: ‘Only Calciopoli is worse than that’ | Market

“Worse than that there is only Calciopoli”. These are some of the words spoken on the phone by the men of Juventus president Andrea Agnelli, in relation to the capital gains theme. They record them – reports La Repubblica – the financiers in the three key months of the transfer market, and reveal a world that goes beyond the criminal limits to enter the field of possible sporting offenses. It is an “entire system that is sick” comment the prosecutors who will soon send all the documents of the investigations to the federal prosecutor of the Football Association, in the belief that “numerous profiles” have emerged that will make many other teams tremble, not just Juventus.

We will wait before the investigative secrecy falls, at the end of the interrogations, and subsequently the outcome of a technical consultancy on the accounts entrusted to a budget expert, the accountant Enrico Stasi, who already 15 years ago had examined the capital gains of the bianconeri in a investigation closed with the acquittal of Luciano Moggi, Roberto Bettega and Antonio Giraudo.

Under investigation – remember instead The Gazzetta dello Sportthere are the accounts of the Juventus club for the last three seasons, from 2018 to 2021, and in particular 282 million in capital gains considered suspicious, deriving from transactions “characterized by fraudulently increased values” and used according to the indictment to settle the budgets.

Yesterday, as a witness, the new CEO of Juve, Maurizio Arrivabene, was also heard. The man was heard by the prosecutors Mario Bendoni, Ciro Santoriello and Marco Gianoglio. Before him it was Federico Cherubini’s turn: nine hours in the prosecutor’s office and the minutes kept secret. Today – he explains Republicinstead it will be the turn of Paolo Morganti, Cherubini’s operational arm. And then again Stefano Bertola and Marco Re, both former managers. Nothing is yet known, however, about the president Andrea Agnelli, his deputy Pavel Nedved and Fabio Paratici, considered by the investigators to be the main architect of the system used by Juventus.

The manager, former head of the sports area now at Tottenham, was the one who took care of the preventive planning of capital gains but for the accusation the leaders of the club and Agnelli knew, also aware of the negative consequences that this system would have had from a financial point of view.

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