From Busto Arsizio to Brussels, Fratelli d’Italia brings the needs of the city to Europe

These days, a delegation of our elected representatives on the list of Brothers of Italy went to Brussels, guest of the European group FdI-ECR at the european parliament.

Luca Folegani (group leader of the Brothers of Italy in the city council), Claudia Cozzi (councilor of the Brothers of Italy), Marco Tomasini (provincial head of National Youth) e Daniela Cinzia Cerana (Councilor for education, equal opportunities and youth policies of the Municipality of Busto Arsizio) followed the work of the delegation, as well as brought the greetings of the mayor Antonelli and the bust requests to the attention of the highest European seats.

“The commitment on the part of our MEPs – explained the delegation returning from the trip – is to continue to defend and protect the interests of Made in Italy, making themselves available to citizens personally”.

Fratelli d’Italia makes an appointment in the first months of 2022, with a series of meetings dedicated to the protection of manufacturing and of the tradition and agri-food production: “Because for us Italy and the Italians come first”.

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