Rome, avian in Villa Pamphili: the park closed

Avian alarm in Villa Pamphili. Part of the park will be closed for ten days. Following a specific request from the Prevention Department of ASL Roma 3, the ban on the eastern area of ​​the park, where the Giglio lake is located, was ordered. The measure was adopted after the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Rome on November 26 had communicated a positivity for avian flu in the poultry species present in the lake. The sudden death of a swan triggers the alert. The subsequent communication of 28 November from the Reference Center for avian influenza, the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of the Venezie, confirmed the positivity to the virus. We recall that the first outbreak of avian flu in Rome dates back to early November and was found in Ancient Ostia.

In a post on Twitter, Gualtieri reports that “this is a precautionary measure following the death of a swan in the pond from bird flu. For the next 10 days, therefore, we will not be able to access that area of ​​the park”. “The partial closure of the Park was arranged as a precaution for a period of 10 days – then declared in a press release the environmental councilor Sabrina Alfonsi – or in any case for the time necessary to carry out the necessary investigations to exclude any further spread of the virus to the outside by visitors and allow the correct performance of further interventions deemed necessary. It should be noted that the biological risk is limited to the sole possibility of mechanically transmitting the virus, hence the reasons for the measure adopted today, while not there are risks for the consumption of poultry meat and eggs “concluded Alfonsi.

“The veterinary services of ASL Roma 3 have reported to the municipal administration the notification of a full-blown case of avian flu at the small lake of Villa Pamphili” explains the councilor for health of the Lazio Region Alessio D’Amato. “The interdiction of the area is a precautionary provision and will be monitored by the veterinary services of the Local Health Authority and the Zooprophylactic Institute, thus creating an attentive area. All the veterinary services of Lazio have been in a state of early warning for days due to the cases detected in Ostia Antica. There is no limitation regarding the food use of eggs and poultry. The situation is under control and continuously monitored “.


Rome avian Villa Pamphili park closed

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