Gianmarco Tamberi: “The secret is unconsciousness”

Gianmarco Tamberi: “The secret is unconsciousness”
Gianmarco Tamberi: “The secret is unconsciousness”

The infinite exultation of Gianmarco Tamberi and hug her with Marcell Jacobs are the clearest images that resurface dall’Tokyo Olympic summer 2021. That magical moment, capable of thrilling an entire nation (and not only), was the fulfillment of the dreams of a boy who in July 2016, at the meeting in Monte Carlo and a month after the Rio games, had left the platform in tears for a injury of the ligament of the left ankle.

A career that seemed to end there, between that immense pain and a deep frustration and that instead has been rebuilt step by step, between rehabilitation and a profound spirit of sacrifice. Gimbo Tamberi today wears an Olympic gold of inestimable value around his neck, not only for its metal, but for everything it represents.

He was one of the most anticipated guests at the event organized by World Olympic and Paralympic partner Bridgestone in Lainate, on the La Pista dell’Aci Guida Sicura circuit, where together with the other ambassador Valeria Straneo, experienced the importance of equipping the car with the right seasonal tires to safely face winter conditions.

Speaking of safety, after an injury like yours, how do you reconcile prudence and the desire to win?
“That feeling of having everything under control and being cautious is something that, as soon as you come out of an injury, haunts you constantly. But then you understand that if you continue to be afraid then you don’t jump anymore and that the only way you have to overcome your blocks is to go back to being unconscious and jump without thinking about the worst. Exactly like in MotoGP ».

Any references in particular?
«I think of Vale, at 40 he made it to go on the track with this mentality: he didn’t go out on the track saying“ I don’t have to fall today ”, but“ today I have to go fast ”. The high jump is very similar, if you think you are careful in what you do, you jump one meter less. It is very important to let the body free to do what it knows, without putting the brakes on because of fears. You need a lot of awareness and knowledge of your body, knowing how far you can go. This is why it is important to do a job in terms of prevention, an aspect that I have implemented a lot in my preparation ».

«I personally went in search of the best professionals in various fields to try to always keep my body monitored. After all, the body of an athlete is a machine that must perform a certain type of movement perfectly and for this to happen all the parts must work at their best. From physiotherapy to nutrition, we athletes need a constant service, a bit like in a Formula 1 box. And I will never stop reiterating that the Olympic gold was not an individual victory, but a team victory ».

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