suspended the conductor who minimized

He will be accused of sexual assault. The police yesterday without too much difficulty identified the “fan” who, after the Empoli-Fiorentina match on November 27, harassed the journalist of a local private TV channel, Greta Beccaglia, on live TV. The man is a 45-year-old resident of Ancona. The Empoli police station crossed the images taken on television with other films and with the video surveillance of the sports facility. The reporter filed a lawsuit.

After the woman’s denunciation, who received solidarity at 360 degrees, the man was tracked down by The mosquito on Radio 24, and he apologized. His name is Andrea Serrani: “I didn’t want to talk to anyone, just go to the car, I made a mistake and I apologize: I want to meet you, when it will be possible, when you want”. Restaurateur, with a partner and a daughter, continued: “At home they said to me ‘How did you come to mind ?, my partner said as well. They know me, they know that I am not a bad person, we are all passing through. the sorrows of the world “. On the accusation of having spit on his hand before the harassment, the man specifies: “I was coughing, I didn’t spit. such a thing…”. Serrani speaks of a “goliardic gesture”.

The other news today

The host of the TV program was also temporarily suspended, because he had played down the incident. ToscanaTv has entrusted to a press release the news of the “pause” (read suspension, timed, probably only a few weeks) that Giorgio Micheletti will take from conducting the popular program “A Tutto Gol”: “We shared with the journalist Giorgio Micheletti of grant him the opportunity of a moment of reflection and professional break in conducting the ‘A Tutto Gol’ format, in order to clarify the unfolding of the facts reserving the right to evaluate any disciplinary measures. Our broadcaster confirms its support and solidarity with Greta Beccaglia – continues the note -. We await her in our studies as soon as possible in the wake of the positive collaboration carried out to date. What has happened is a harassment. An unacceptable thing. If Greta wishes, we will be at her side in the filing of the complaint and we hope that what has happened will help us, the world of information and in this case the world of spoken football, to build a more respectful public ‘speech’ “, concludes the network.

When asked “Did you metabolize what happened a bit?”, Greta Beccaglia replied: “Yes, up to a certain point because I’m really tired. It’s a bit special moment for me and I think for women in general: since this thing happened I have reiterated that I was lucky to be on video, for once there is a direct testimony and I believe that this can change something on a cultural and human level “. The journalist was a guest of Francesco Facchinetti, Sabrina Scampini and Gibba in the “105 Kaos” program broadcast on Radio 105. “I didn’t hear this person – said Beccaglia – This morning I made the complaint, I didn’t hear the person and I haven’t even read the excuses, they told me because I’ve been doing interviews all day. I haven’t even had a chance to understand what he really said. I carry on my battle because I don’t accept the excuses.
I think this gesture is really important to be able to continue with this battle because what he did is not right. My complaint denounced his gesture, but also the gesture of many other people who were present there, in the full video you see another character that comes on me and touches my private parts you see other people who are there and observe the everything. I carry on this battle for all those girls who suffer with the cameras off day. “

And then he explained: “Such a thing has never happened to me; other times verbal violence in the sense of not nice words, but such a humiliating gesture had never happened to me”. Responding to his interlocutors, he added: “I reiterated from the first moment that Micheletti defended me. Then he also apologized because perhaps he could use another expression, but basically he defended me. For me he is a great professional and not the I never felt like attacking him “, concludes the journalist.

What is the real problem of the Greta Beccaglia case

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