it’s serious. Vehicle hunt

it’s serious. Vehicle hunt
it’s serious. Vehicle hunt

Like in a movie scene, was thrown onto the asphalt by a speeding car. So when a motorist saw her on the side of the road as she wandered confused and bleeding in the emergency lane, at the Via Aurelia junction on the Grande Raccordo Anulare, he was petrified. The woman, once rescued, seems to have been reduced to death. A thriller.

Urgently transported to the Tor Vergata Polyclinic, where doctors have diagnosed serious trauma and a fracture of the pelvis, the 44-year-old (LDG, the initials of her name and surname) is hospitalized with a reserved prognosis.

The call to the police switchboard came on Saturday evening, when several eyewitnesses (who were on the Gra) reported a person tumbling on the asphalt after being thrown from a speeding car. The investigations into the incident have been delegated by the Prosecutor to the Casilino police district and to the mobile squad: the agents are waiting to listen to the victim to reconstruct the incident.

But investigators are also viewing video footage from the cameras who control the traffic flows on that portion of the Gra, to trace the license plate of the “offending” vehicle: among the hypotheses being examined by those who investigate, even that of yet another violence in the family. In fact, it is not excluded that the perpetrator may be a man whom the victim knew well. Another street circumstance: the lady had no documents or a cell phone or even a purse. The policemen found only her coat, a few meters away from where she had been seen ending up on the asphalt.

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Vehicle hunt

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