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In December many offers for mobile telephony available! All to be discovered and activated. Even at the end of the year it is possible to spend less on mobile phones, let’s see how.

The Christmas promotions on mobile phones are available from the end of November and throughout the end of the year period. Here are which companies offer the cheapest rates. We explain how to switch from one operator to the most advantageous one for your needs.

The differences between subscriptions and rechargeable: which is more convenient?

the offers in mobile telephony they are periodically present for almost all market operators. They also differ in customers who sign up for a subscription and customers who have a rechargeable rate. But which of the two options is more convenient? Choosing between the two different options is not as simple and obvious as you think. If in fact on the one hand activate a subscription is the best method for never run out of Giga and callsat the same time there are often annoying constraints in a contract with a telephone operator. Among these, first of all, the fact of having to provide a credit card and / or bank account. Above all, it is not said that you spend less than with a simple rechargeable SIM.

One of the advantages for which you are inclined to activate a subscription is that of to be able to integrate now the purchase of a mobile phone in installments, perhaps at a subsidized price. But it should not be forgotten that subscriptions usually have to be stipulated for periods ranging from 24 to 30 months; in case of early withdrawal it is mandatory pay a penalty (and the remaining debt inherent in the smartphone), the amount of which varies according to the type of subscription and above all the operator with whom the contract was signed.

La SIM rechargeable, for its part, offers ample flexibility, no constraints and the intrinsic possibility, by changing operator, to take advantage of offers for “new customers” that telephone companies promote very often during the year. It must be said, however, that with a rechargeable one you encounter the annoyance of having to recharge your credit every time it runs out. Sometimes it is impossible to find an open shop, access the Internet to restore credit, and not being able to use a mobile phone can be very unpleasant.

How to choose between subscription and rechargeable

Choose between subscription and rechargeable, therefore, it is necessary according to the type of use that is made of the mobile phone. For those who do not want “thoughts” – but also have an active bank account – surely the subscription is the most suitable formula. While for those who use the phone sporadically, or have no problems obtaining recharges in time, the SIM without constraints can amply satisfy the needs. In both cases, there is no shortage of offers towards the end of the year, and both those who have a subscription and a rechargeable one can take advantage of the Christmas promotions to save on the monthly expense of your telephone traffic.

Mobile telephony, the Iliad offer in 5G

We all know by now that with the 5G you can reach speeds of download fino a 855/Mbps, but above all that 5G can undoubtedly be considered a technology Green because it guarantees a high-performance data flow using less energy. Iliad keeps up with the times and offers a very tasty monthly rate for those who are demanding in terms of speed and quantity: let’s talk about 120 Giga and unlimited calls to fixed and mobile numbers throughout the national territory, plus Unlimited SMS. But not only that, they are also included in the plan 6 Giga of roaming traffic and Unlimited minutes to fixed and

international mobile in over 60 destinations, to landlines in Europe and landlines and mobile in the USA and Canada. All this a € 9.90 per month, with a one-time cost for the SIM of an additional € 9.99. This is a very valid offer for those who use their mobile phones frequently, and given the extension outside the EU also for Business customers.

  • The cheapest alternative. For those who want to spend a little less, Iliad still has another proposal that travels in 4G. 80 Giga, minutes, SMS and unlimited calls towards all a € 7.99 per month. Always with a SIM cost of € 9.99.

Enrich the WindTre Offer with the Mobile App

In recent times, Wind has significantly improved the usability of the App of the same name, giving customers a more efficient service, as well as a more rewarding user experience. By accessing your profile you can join a very interesting and very convenient promotion: WindTre offers 50 Giga in 4.5G network, unlimited calls to all 200 SMS for just € 6.99 per month. The SIM has a cost of € 10 but only if purchased from physical retailers because it is free online.

Despite the controversy that has severely undermined this operator, due to unjustified increases in customers and the countless technical interruptions that occurred during the year, the offer is valid and can satisfy users of all ages who often use their mobile phones. Through the App, in fact, they can check the remaining Giga in a few Taps, the speed of downloads and uploads, the minutes of calls still available and of course taking care of do the recharging in case of need.

Mobile telephony: Fastweb’s offer in 5G with free SIM

Fastweb also offers a very interesting option to those who want to take advantage of the new 5G technology; indeed proposes 90 Giga at high speed, unlimited calls to landlines and mobile phones in Italy, 100 SMS and above all the SIM free and shipped for free if you activate the offer through the official website. The offer also includes calls to 60 international destinations, and Roaming included (in 4G), also in the UK and Switzerland. The expected cost for this promo is € 7.95 per month. It should be emphasized, however, that if you go over the Giga, each of these costs an extra € 6, while for each additional SMS you will be charged 5 cents. The offer is valid for everyone, and there are no duration restrictions or costs in the event of a change of operator.

Not interested in the Internet? Try the offer of I have Mobile only Voice

Still mobile phone deals? For those on a limited budget, but above all who do not use the network with a mobile phone, luckily there is an operator that offers one tariff only voice very convenient. This is I have Mobile. The SIM costs only 0.99 cents and is sent for free if you join the official website. For alone € 4.99 per month you have unlimited calls, SMS and minutes to all national and EU numbers. But the most interesting thing is that in addition to the inaccessible internet, you have the completely blocked paid numbering. Idem per i extra services – which are often activated in a “mysterious” way – such as horoscopes, news, sports and so on. At the same time, the useful and essential services like the “SMS I have. called ”, the telephone number to find out the remaining credit, call waiting and call forwarding. Finally, I have Mobile offers 30 day free trial. Once they have expired, if you are not satisfied, you will get a refund of the money spent on activation.

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