“Bronchiolitis, it’s boom. Protect children with masks” – Chronicle

“Bronchiolitis, it’s boom. Protect children with masks” – Chronicle
“Bronchiolitis, it’s boom. Protect children with masks” – Chronicle

Modena, November 30, 2021 – “Must not to alarm, but parents should not underestimate the malaise of their own little child“Because behind a trivial influence it could be hidden the epidemic due to Vrs, the respiratory syncytial virus. The invitation is from the pediatrician Maria Grazia Catellani, which observes the sudden increase of cases of bronchiolitis and hospitalizations. According to the former provincial secretary Fimp, we must continue to keep our guard up, because “children are super spreaders” of viruses, including Covid.

Doctor, does this increase in hospitalizations for bronchiolitis worry you?
“Indeed, there are several sick children, an anomaly compared to the past years when the phenomenon was felt after the Christmas period. Bronchiolitis are the bugbear of us pediatricians. These are infections that begin with a cold: several older children recover spontaneously. , at home, doing a lot of nasal washes, while unfortunately some of it gets worse and does it quite quickly “.

So can we already talk about an emergency?
“The situation must always be monitored. This year we have had an explosion of cases of flu because we come from a period of lockdown during which the passage of viral forms from adults to children has decreased a lot. But then there was a relaxation of the restrictive measures, the siblings have resumed going to kindergarten, the parents have resumed working outside the country and people’s attention has dropped a bit; so infectious diseases have begun to circulate more “.

What should parents of an affected child do?
“First of all it must be kept very monitored. You must take the temperature frequently and if the child has over 38 of fever and is less than 6 or 8 months old it is very important to contact the pediatrician. You must try to do frequent nasal washings. Check. if he eats, because refusing to eat is a wake-up call. Same thing for the more difficult breathing: you have to look at his chest, check that he has no subcostal indentations and that he is not struggling to breathe. Furthermore, it is necessary to monitor that he is not very depressed : the child who does not laugh, who is less lively and who does not play means that he is not well. We must not increase alarmism but attention yes. Even just a cold in a small child can cause a worsening “.

Can it be prevented?
“Of course, continuing to maintain the behaviors and hygiene rules that we have learned with Covid: use of masks, if possible even for the little ones, avoid crowds and wash your hands frequently”.

Cases of Covid in children are also on the rise.
“Unfortunately it was predictable. There is a greater circulation of the virus that has more ease of spreading in the population that is now not vaccinated and that uses safety devices to a lesser extent. We remember that children are great spreaders: they can go to grandparents and they can infect them. “

Is this why pediatricians are in favor of vaccination even for the little ones?
“Of course, we must promote it in a decisive way to protect children first of all but also for the good of society. In the coming weeks we will also have to work a lot on communication to try to convince families. Because if we do not vaccinate small children and if we do not vaccinate the poorest populations, as the spread of the variant in Africa teaches us, we do not know how long the pandemic will last “.

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