Tommaso Ghidini presents the book Homo caelestis

Milano – Friday 3 December 2021, at 18.00, on Politecnico di Milano hosts a meeting with Tommaso Ghidini, head of the Structures, Mechanisms and Materials Division of the European Space Agency (ESA). Ghidini talks for the occasion with Ferruccio Stay, rector of the Milan Polytechnic.

Milano – Starting with his latest book Homo Caelestis: the incredible tale of what we will be like, Tommaso Ghidini and Ferruccio Resta tackle the theme of the irresistible man’s tension towards the exploration of new worlds that is about to transform theHomo sapiens sapiens in Heavenly Man. Participation is free previous online registration.

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Tommaso Ghidini presents book Homo caelestis

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