“Very few in Italy like Mertens. Yesterday was Spalletti’s victory “

On Radio Marte during the broadcast “The network swells” he spoke Marco Bucciantini, Journalist. “The way they talked in this difficult week, dismissing both the alibis and what they have done, I don’t think the teams involved at the top want to hide. For me they are 3-4 teams and I also put Atalanta into it. They are no longer 7 sisters but 4 for the Scudetto and this is already important news, especially the absence of Juventus. It is necessary to see in ordinary navigation how much we manage to make feelings together. Also for this we need memory, which is a form of culture. Sometimes in mourning we rediscover ourselves closer than we thought.

In this case the memory of the mourning of a great champion like Maradona and, in some ways, also a great man. Memory brings together all the best you can express and in my opinion the thing started yesterday, it was a tactical element. Everything is team and game. Yesterday the difference was clear. It seemed like a game of history, because Napoli has drawn those who know how to play together with an idea, a thought, a way of making them stay together. Nobody took anything away and yesterday the story went on the pitch. On the other hand there is a team that has not yet found a present, a team in which you no longer see the story, they are trying to change it. Yet sometimes knowing how to work with your own story makes the difference.

The best match of Sarri’s Napoli was a 1-4 against Lazio. If you move the ball well on their midfield, they struggle. There may be an interlock but many players have improved in condition, like Zielinski. There is Lobotka who can finally be discovered, you had been taking it for years and you did not understand it. Insigne played a lot on the pitch yesterday. There were the usual great ideas of Spalletti, Sarri distorted himself to put a full-back as a scorer and after 10 ‘he was 2-0 down. There was a victory for the coach, who took Napoli by adding his own without taking anything away from him. That said, how many players have there been in Serie A over the years like Mertens? I remember 3 maybe. Maybe he doesn’t play 30 games like that anymore but also a couple … Like Mertens there have been few in Italy, technically I mean.

Sassuolo-Naples? It’s okay to face him in the thick of the championship, he’s not a physically exceptional team. If you open the field a little and duel a little less, however, it is a technically strong team. He lost Locatelli but if Scamacca and Raspadori work it’s a 60-point team. He changed coach and is an upper middle class team in the league. When great teams are well they have to grind points, championships are won by grinding points when we are well and resisting in other cases. Yesterday Napoli returned to playing well, they are first and they have to look only at themselves. “


Italy Mertens Yesterday Spallettis victory

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