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The news and updates of today, Tuesday 30 November, on Covid-19 in Italy and in the world. In the latest bulletin 7,975 infections and 65 deaths. The Omicron variant is “highly transmissible” and requires “urgent action” according to the G7 health ministers. In Italy the mayors ask the government to have an outdoor mask from December 6 to January 15. Costa: “Norma on outdoor masks already exists”.

To date, a total of 33 confirmed cases of the Omicron variant have been reported in Europe, including those in Italy. The vaccination campaign continues: Figliuolo’s plan for almost 5 million doses by mid-December. From 23 December the administrations under 11 years start. At school the Covid rules still change: if there is a case, the whole class goes to quarantine.

In the world 262,203,422 infections. The UK anticipates third doses of the vaccine. In the US, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that all adults aged 18 and over “should” receive a Covid vaccine booster. For the CEO of Moderna the current Covid vaccines could be less effective with the Omicron variant.

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Ema: “Novavax authorization is a matter of weeks”

“Novavax’s new vaccine could be authorized within weeks. We approved the vaccines in record time, and in less than a year we delivered a billion doses to our member states.” This was stated by the executive director of the EMA, Emer Cooke, speaking in the European Parliament.

Because the obligation to vaccinate has been introduced for health workers, schools and law enforcement agencies

In the report illustrating the new decree, the government has included the reference to the rulings of the Council and the Council of State, which motivate the decision to introduce the vaccination obligation for health, school and law enforcement. From next December 15, not only healthcare personnel and RSA will be required to have the Covid vaccine, but all employees of health facilities, school staff and law enforcement agencies will also have to immunize themselves. It is not excluded that the executive may think of an enlargement of the compulsory vaccination audience.

Outdoor masks, Costa: “There is already an obligation in case of gathering”

In the event of gathering outdoors, “masks are already required. During the Christmas period there will be a continuous gathering”. This is what the Undersecretary of Health, Andrea Costa, said to the microphones of “Radio too” on Rai Radio1, commenting on the decision of the Municipalities to request to wear a mask in outdoor places. “The law actually already exists”, reiterated Costa.

How European countries defend themselves from the Omicron variant

With the new Omicron variant arrived in Italy and also in other European countries, restrictions on the Old Continent increase to contain the spread of Covid-19. Green Pass and vaccination obligation are the tools also used by Austria, Belgium and Germany. All measures in Europe.

“Sars-Cov-2 will become harmless like a cold, but it will take at least 10 years”

“Probably the Sars-Cov-2 will become harmless as a cold, but it will take at least 10 years”. To tell it to Republic a luminary of immunology and virology, Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, co-inventor of a rotavirus vaccine and external member of the FDA. On the Omicron variant “I believe that the current vaccines will be sufficient. If we look at the first strain, the one called ‘Wuhan 2020’ used to develop vaccines, it wasn’t the virus that left China, crossing Asia, Europe and the United States, and killing hundreds of thousands of people: it was the first variant, D614G. . It was then replaced by the more contagious Alpha variant, and the latter was replaced by the even more contagious Delta. In all these three cases, vaccines have so far protected against severe forms of Covid, and there is every reason to believe they will continue to do so “. “Together with other FDA consultants – said Offit – I am skeptical about the third dose at all. It increases the immune response, but should be reserved for the groups at risk such as the elderly or those who work in healthcare. Focusing on the third dose makes us lose sight of the crucial need to vaccinate the not yet vaccinated. Talking about the need for the third dose as if the vaccines have lost effect strengthens the No Vax. And then, in healthy subjects, the third doses, in addition to not making a difference, could weaken the effectiveness of a vaccine calibrated on Omicron ”.

Covid vaccine, Rasi: “Third dose increases antibodies rapidly”

“The third dose, in times of emergency, has a great advantage – explains the immunologist in an interview with Repubblica Guido Rasi -: it makes the antibodies re-increase quickly, even two to three days, and brings them back to levels even higher than those of the second dose “. This is why we have gone from the recall for the over 80s to the generalized one.” A pandemic forces us to think without patterns “, he explains.” When we need to protect ourselves immediately, it is a sensible choice. “For Rasi, six months would be the ideal time for the third anti Covid dose.” It has been seen that in this way we get the most increase in antibodies “, explains the former director of EMA.” But when the epidemic grows and there is a need for immediate protection, even three months can be fine “, he adds, thus approving London’s choice to anticipate the booster. “The English decision serves to correct the mistakes made in the past – continues the immunologist -. It is not possible to bet everything on vaccines as has been done in Great Britain. “We also need” distances and masks “.

Covid vaccines, Italy update: 95.9 million doses administered

There are 95,984,088 doses of anti-Covid vaccine administered in Italy, 94.3% of the total of those delivered so far equal to 101,743,102 (in detail 71,472,324 Pfizer / BioNtech, 16,882,626 Moderna, 11,544,604 Vaxzevria -AstraZeneca and 1,843,548 Janssen). This is what we read in the report of the extraordinary Commissioner for the health emergency updated at 06:12 this morning.

For the CEO of Moderna the current Covid vaccines could be less effective with the Omicron variant

Existing Covid vaccines could be much less effective against the Omicron variant of the virus. Moderna’s managing director, Stephane Bancek, says this in an interview with Financial Times, according to which the high number of mutations of the new spike protein strain and the rapid spread of the variant suggest that the current vaccines will have to be modified next year. “I think there will be a material decline (in efficacy, ed). I don’t know how much, because we have to wait for the data. But all the scientists I’ve talked to … they say, ‘this is not good,'” he said. “The effectiveness cannot be at the same level as with the Delta variant.” according to the CEO According to former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb, Pfizer’s board now has “a reasonable degree of confidence in the protection that the current vaccine cycle can provide with three doses.”

Omicron variant, in Tshwane children under the age of 2 represent 10% of hospital admissions

Children under the age of 2 account for approximately 10% of total hospital admissions in Tshwane (Gauteng in South Africa). South African scientists last week were the first to identify the new variant now known as Omicron, and although symptoms have been described as mild, it is still unclear how risky this variant can be. “Very young children are not vaccinated, so they are more at risk,” health authorities said.

Omicron variant, Biden excludes lockdown “for now”

The hypothesis of new lockdowns in the United States is not on the table, at least for “the moment.” President Joe Biden said this in response to those who asked him if the lockdown is considered as part of a possible strategy to stem the potential spread. of the Omicron variant. “If people are vaccinated and wear face masks, there is no need for a lockdown,” said President Biden who said it is “almost inevitable” that the Omicron variant will arrive in the United States. When asked if the emergence of new variants of the virus is to become the new normal, then, the president replied no: “I expect this is not the new normal. I expect the new normal is that everyone is vaccinated with the booster ”. Omicron “is a cause for concern, not panic,” and getting vaccinated is “the best protection against this new variant,” Biden said.

The latest news on Coronavirus Covid-19 today, Tuesday 30 November

In Monday’s contagion bulletin, the cases of Covid-19 in Italy were 7,975 infections, 65 deaths. The swabs carried out were 276,000: a positive rate of 2.9%. The Region by Region detail:

Lombardy: +851
Veneto: +1265
Campania: +820
Emilia Romagna: +1223
Lazio: +1.121
Piedmont: +456
Sicily: +559
Tuscany: +328
Puglia: +209
Friuli-Venezia Giulia: +181
Walking: +181
Liguria: +135
Calabria: +146
Abruzzo: +39
P.A Bolzano: +256
Sardinia: +98
Umbria: +26
P.A Trento: +64
Basilicata: +3
Molise: +4
Aosta Valley: +10

The Omicron variant frightens: to date there are 33 confirmed cases of the Omicron variant reported in Europe, including those in Italy. It is “highly transmissible” and requires “urgent action” according to G7 health ministers. In Italy, mayors are asking the government to make outdoor masks mandatory from December 6 to January 15.


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