Super Cashback, the transfer arrives in the next few days

Super Cashback, the transfer arrives in the next few days
Super Cashback, the transfer arrives in the next few days

Today is theoretically the last day by which the CONSAP should have paid the premium of Super Cashback to the 100,000 virtuous cashless payments who earned the award during the first half of the year. The controversies of these hours, relating to the approaching deadline without any resolution in the form of a bank transfer, have prompted CONSAP to take an official position, clarifying briefly that the situation is about to be resolved.

Super Cashback: Comes in the next few days

This is the previous message, the one with which CONSAP had confirmed that everything would be in line with the government requirements relating to the payment of the Super Cashback:

Refunds of the special Cashback, the so-called Super Cashback, will be made by 30 November 2021, without prejudice to the technical bank times for crediting the transfers.

This, however, is the new message published in the last few hours:

With regard to the reimbursement of the so-called supercashback, we would like to inform you that the administrative procedures relating to the disbursement of payments due to the entitled parties are in the process of being finalized. Therefore, already in the next few days, Consap will be able to complete the accreditations.

In the next days“: This means that everything is going as planned, but that it takes a few days for the procedures to be completed. No surprise, in short, just a little more wait before this particular “thirteenth” can be paid into the current accounts of the 100,000 winners. “In the next days”Does not seem to be a prelude to long waits: reading between the lines it is possible to imagine the start of sending the bank transfers within the week.

In short, the parable of the Super Cashback is destined to run out with the arrival of bank transfers “in the next few days”: no news in terms of ranking or exclusions, simply technical time needed to complete the procedures.


Super Cashback transfer arrives days

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