rediscovering the joys of online multiplayer

rediscovering the joys of online multiplayer
rediscovering the joys of online multiplayer

Hi, my name is Marco and in the last few days – or rather, to be precise precise I would rather say in the last few nights … – I think I’ve officially developed an addiction. My phantasmagoric obsession, my delicious torment, my source of pure enjoyment but also of powerful anger has a definite and very recognizable name: Halo Infinite. A name that is actually frankly unsuspected as far as I am concerned, because until today I had played the episodes of the main saga starring Master Chief, appreciating them in a quite variable way, without ever even remotely trespassing into this. whirlwind of emotions and dizziness of gameplay capable of literally not making me sleep in the evening. And above all to make me wake up with that wonderful series of kills ringed with the Energy Sword in my head, a little luck and the right amount of wickedness.

To make my addiction even more paradoxical and for this reason so sensational there is a notable detail to add: albeit with the due exceptions – above all I would mention Gears of War 3, the first six months of Destiny and Splatoon – I’ve never been a big fan of online gaming, and least of all I could define myself as such today, at the end of 2021. At thirty-eight years old, with the evenings monopolized by a thousand thousand commitments ranging from the Blood Bowl to TwitchVarSport, it is simply no longer a thing for me. Perhaps also because the spark has never really taken off with any other title, even if I think it is largely a question of attitude and mental availability: for a long time I have been wanting and looking for more from my video game, and frankly it has always gone very well like this.

To infinity and beyond

What has changed then? Why this disconcerting turnaround, even more so with an end-of-season blockbuster that I would have tried more for journalistic completeness than for real emotional involvement (because, precisely, in the Xbox environment I have always been and will be more on the side of Marcus Fenix ​​& Co. than John-117 and Cortana)? On the one hand it is not so easy to establish it, since there would seem to be something intangible behind my unexpected “fall”.

On the other hand, however, I can confess that I was simply overwhelmed with the jaw-dropping qualities of Halo Infinite, which I already believe to be today arguably the best online multiplayer of the past decade (if you want to know more about the single player, here’s a preview of the Halo Infinite campaign). The playful system assembled with a skilful blend of maniacal care and crystalline talent by 343 Industries is, in no uncertain terms, one of those that really leave their mark: a triumph of powerful all-round playability, which to begin with has the sensational I deserve to be able to really adapt to anyone, resulting

enjoyable at 360 °. Because the beauty of Halo Infinite is that you don’t need to be a super pro of first person shooters to have fun like crazy: of course, with the right skills and maybe the right company, a similar title can prove to be an exemplary stage to stage screaming maneuvers. and memorable strategies worthy of esports legends. Yet the exemplary playful alchemy built on a time to kill perfect, the very enjoyable control system, the feedback and the variety of weapons, the excellent design of the maps and the correct alternation of modes are elements delightfully within everyone’s reach, capable of giving emotions and sincere adrenaline rush even to less experienced users. Almost like in one paradoxical declination of the FPS format of that immediacy that is usually typical of “universal” video games such as Mario Kart.

To each his own

In short, it does not matter whether you shoot in company or alone, and even your reflexes matter little: even if you have never been masters of Call of Duty or Battlefield (by the way, if you like, retrieve the review of Battlefield 2042) Halo Infinite will succeed to some extent to adapt to you, giving you thrills and moments of glory in considerable quantities. Whether carrying the canonical MA40 Assault Rifle or a lethal M41 SPNKR Rocket Launcher, the effect is always the same: a epochal roller coaster of massacres and sudden changes of face, which also finds radically different shades – and strictly all to be discovered – according to the various declinations.


The Deathmatch of Massacre (and in particular of the drift that responds to the name of Fiesta, a mode with random weapons that is part of the Japanese-style timed initiative called Fracture: Tenrai, destined to return in 2022) is a jolt of energy that almost leaves no breath: a galvanizzante Panzer in which we often and willingly act on impulse, joining the fray with the

awareness that in the event of a KO it will return within seconds – perhaps precisely with the thrill of a whole new arsenal and special skills already unlocked. An approach that enhances the intoxicating gunplay of Infinite, at the same time highlighting all the phenomenal value of the aforementioned balance in the time to kill – because the management of the recharge of the shield is a fundamental parameter, which can almost always make the difference between life and death in epochal agility duels at the last bullet. Capture the Flag, Skull and Roccaforti instead favor a more reasoned approach, but no less visceral or unable to write indelible pages of authentic online businesses: as has already been learned from these few days of battles, with its continuous head head almost dancing interrupted by the fury of a deadly hammer blow at point blank range, Halo Infinite proves impeccable in telling small and big stories of legendary triumphs alternating with thunderous failures. Epics that become even more unforgettable as the scale grows, with a Great Team Battle that sees 24 players opposed in total, in a 12vs12 that is fought on gigantic maps in which the use of vehicles can be decisive.

“Just one more and then I’ll stop …”

It matters little then that the progression is objectively very slow and very unsatisfactory (because at the moment it does not really reward performance, rather granting a meager sop for participation beyond a system of challenges that are however very binding), that the graphics prove functional but never actually breathtaking or that given the free to play nature of the multiplayer sector of the game la the vast majority of aesthetic customizations are precluded to anyone who does not intend to invest at least € 9.99 in the Battle Pass Premium. After all, we are talking about a very long-term project, a title destined to undergo constant balances and who knows what radical changes over the years to come.


What matters most of all, and already now manages to make an incalculable difference, it is the absolute value of a multiplayer system that I would not hesitate to define incredible (to learn more, here you will find an in-depth preview of Halo Infinite multiplayer). Because, if you find yourself at 5:40 on a Friday night calculating how many kills you need to do with the given weapon to unlock that wonderful space Samurai armor – after it’s at least three full hours you think it’s long ago. bedtime – well, if something like this happens it means that not only the target has been hit by Microsoft and 343 Industries … there it means that the target has been right nuclearizzato, as happens when you are broken down on a molecular level by the Carbonizer’s solid light grenades.

Personally, I am unable to determine if this infatuation will last in the medium / long term, or rather it will run out in the space of just a few hectic weeks. To be honest, with the utmost honesty, I don’t even care to know. The fact that Halo Infinite was able to give me sensations that I considered dormant and destined to never return in my gamer career is already in itself sufficient reason to cheer me up and to exalt it without reservations: be careful, because between the lines of the code written by the Redmond team seems to be hiding an irresistible magic formula, declined with headshot shots in the name of pushed mobility and team play (because even when you make a mere assist you don’t have the impression of a kill that has been stolen, but rather of a hand given to a partner who is better placed ).

A bewitching spell with which to ignite the last month of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, projecting the Xbox ecosystem towards uncommon goals. Even if you are not passionate about the genre and do not consider yourself a super fan of the franchise, However, do yourself a favor: download it without reservation, and give it a chance. The only regret will be the too close alarm clock the next morning, seeing is believing. See you online, Spartan!

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