for the investigators “sick system”. Comparison between invoices and cash flows –

for the investigators “sick system”. Comparison between invoices and cash flows –
for the investigators “sick system”. Comparison between invoices and cash flows –
from Simona Lorenzetti and Massimiliano Nerozzi

Arrivabene was interrogated for four hours. Investigators confident: a “sick system” emerges that would not only involve Juve, the material will soon be in the hands of sports justice

You have to get out of the storm, says Massimiliano Allegri speaking of the field, evoking however that Shakespearean drama which could hit the cItalian football, not only on Juventus: from the papers of the investigation into the alleged capital gains of the Juventus club it would emerge – according to the magistrates – a “sick system” that would not only involve Andrea Agnelli’s society. Beyond the possible criminal profiles, there would be the elements for the configuration of sporting offenses, of interest to the Public Prosecutor of the FIGC. When the investigation is closed – and the times are announced short – i pm Mario Bendoni, Ciro Santoriello and the deputy Marco Gianoglio will send the documents to sports justice. It would be above all the interceptions between July and October – to date covered by secret – to reveal an intertwining of interests that some investigators seem to be able to evoke gloomy times for the ball. Moral: it could be the dawn of a new scandal. Not just financial.

Meanwhile, the investigation continues, reinforcing one of the accusations made at the top of the club, that of invoicing for non-existent transactions: suspicions and clues about outgoing and incoming cash flows that seem not to find exact correspondence in the accounting documents. Basically, the economic and financial police nucleus of the financial police of Turin is Checking, and crossing, theand figures of the invoices and those of the values ​​indicated for the operations. A job to which the consultant of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the accountant Enrico Stasi will also dedicate himself.

Capital gains and suspected accounting anomalies were at the center of the hearing dell’to bianconero Maurizio Arrivabene, listened to for four hours by the prosecutors as a person informed of the facts. In the Juve board of directors since 2012, in July he received the proxies for the football area and, from the beginning of November, those of ad. The Fiamme Gialle also searched his office, acquiring data from the hard-disk and PC. The manager was shown several phone calls he had listened to by the financial military during the weeks of the transfer market. Dialogues that often had as protagonist the sports director Federico Cherubini – listened to for nine hours last Saturday, always as a witness – and from which “an unhealthy management of capital gains” emerges. Before the magistrates, in a secret report, the director allegedly denied an “illegal” recourse to capital gains, explaining that “the Paratici system” does not exist. Even if the investigators have in hand elements that go in the opposite direction.

Arrivabene (another secret statement) would have instead illustrated the financial situation found at the farewell of Paratici, now at Tottenham, at the end of the 2021 financial statements. Before, however, Ronaldo left Turin to move to Manchester United, leaving behind a pending issue. Or at least, “A famous card that doesn’t have to exist”. As Cherubini and the lawyer Cesare Gabasio define it on the phone, since last January general counsel of the Juventus club. The document, which concerns “back payments” due to the Portuguese ace, is read by investigators as a hypothesis of “off-balance sheet debt”. A “paper” not yet found, even if the financiers have yet to examine all the material seized. If in doubt, the prosecutors will ask Gabasio himself, heard as a witness. The lawyer will not be the only one to find himself in front of the magistrates: during the week, in fact, the hearing of the organizing secretary Paolo Morganti (witnesses) is on the menu, while the first invitations to appear to the suspects were notified. It will be up to managers Stefano Bertola and Marco Re, the latter exiting Juve in July 2020.

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