Irpef blows: what to do by 30 November

Irpef blows: what to do by 30 November
Irpef blows: what to do by 30 November

This year, unlike 2020, there will be no extensions regarding the payment of the 2021 tax deposit which expires tomorrow, November 30th. Who owns the VAT number, compared to natural persons, who will have to pay theIrpef, the dry coupon on rents, VAT and VAT, will have to pay the Irap advance and the Inps contributions, if any. The only advantage for taxpayers is that, as a result of the pandemic, taxes could be less expensive than the previous year, as the higher taxes resulting from an increase in turnover in 2021 will be counted in the balance in 2022. It remains therate 100% for the Irpef down payment and the flat rate tax on rents, as reported by the Corriere della Sera.

For those who have paid a first advance in June or July equal to 40%, by the date of tomorrow the remaining 60% must be paid. Taxpayers who have produced the 730 model do not have to pay anything, since there is the withholding agent. VAT number holders who use the flat rate scheme they divided the 100% personal income tax rate into two equal portions. The first was paid between July and September, the second must be paid by 30 November. But how do you calculate the personal income tax?

The latter must be paid if in line RN34 (difference) of the latter PF Income model 2021 (year 2020) an amount equal to or greater than 52 euros appears. More specifically, if the figure goes from 52 to 257 euros, the deposit is paid in a single installment in November. If the amount exceeds 257 euros, 50% of the advance had to be paid by July 2021. For natural persons without VAT and flat-rate schemes, the second advance of line LM42 must be paid. About Ivie el‘Ivafefinally, the advance payment must be calculated on the value indicated in column one of lines RW6 and RW7.

The same procedures of the Irpef must also be applied to the dry coupon on rentals. Also in this case the rate, previously 95%, now becomes 100%. The advance, in two installments, is calculated on line RB 11 column 3 of the Income PF 2021 model. If the tax is less than 258 euros, it must be paid in a lump sum by tomorrow.


Irpef blows November

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